Change is a crucial process when it comes to social media advertising. You might be happy with the result from the strategies and tactics you’ve been using last year, but remaining stagnant is not an option, as using the same strategies and approach on your campaign will not get you far over the years. 

2019 has been an interesting year which has proven to be a continued rise of video marketing along with solid data as the main aspects of a strong social media advertising campaign.  

This approach is the key for a better social media strategy in 2020.

Increase Your Budget

The years have increased competitiveness in social media, especially with Instagram and Facebook. Ever since Facebook implemented ads, we have witnessed that successful campaigns come with rising costs.

This is the reason why you should consider increasing your budget to stay competitive. We’re not saying that spending more is always better, but there’s a good reason why you should consider this strategy. 

Create the Best Social Media Ads Marketing in 2020

Every social media platform is improving their algorithm for advertising platforms. These algorithms need data to learn. They collect and aggregate data to find users who are most likely to convert. It’s the process of how social media campaigns run. 

Make your next few years successful and take another thorough look at your budget.

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More Videos

Videos on social media aren’t only more engaging than other media, they also rocket your retargeting campaigns. In fact, marketers who use videos grow their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t use video.

If you aren’t using videos as part of your campaigns yet, then you’re seriously missing out. We know that some businesses don’t have a lot of video content for advertising, luckily Facebook provides easy and great video-making tools to create videos even from still images. It’s the perfect way to include videos in your social ad campaigns.

Get Used to Pixels

Pixels are offered by every social media platform with advertising, these tiny codes allow websites to share data with the social media providers and proceed with the advertising campaigns. Facebook Pixel is a powerful example that should be used in every campaign.

Facebook Pixel enables you to create Custom Audiences for Custom Conversions, making it a must-have if you want to stay in the game. Besides having access to useful data, you can also set the objectives you want to optimize in Facebook. It’s a perfect way to build an effective sales funnel. 

facebook pixel

Get Optimizing

We’ve learned a lot of things this year, one of these things is the power of optimizing ads and ad sets at scale. You need to know how your campaigns are performing both at macro and micro levels, and getting rid of ads sets that are not generating results. Facebook will always prioritize spending budget on ad sets that are converting, though it will also spend money on those that don’t. The amount of budget spent adds up over time and will affect your performance in the long run.

We aren’t fortune tellers, but we’ve learned enough from our experience in social media advertising to predict what’s coming in the future. Our team at Island Media Management consists of experts in multiple fields. Our social media pros are capable of creating successful optimized ads on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms. Get in touch with us today and improve your social media ads marketing!

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