Hotels today can no longer approach marketing as they used to. After all, consumer behavior has changed a lot in the past few years. Advances in information technology have meant consumers are now more informed than ever before. They can carry out due diligence in a matter of seconds from their laptops or mobile phones to gather information about a hotels in a specific area.How to Get Conversions with Lower CPC for Online Ads

The modern consumer
When it comes to marketing, hotels must be aware of the behavior of the modern consumer. Today’s modern consumer’s choices are influenced by various factors. These factors will vary depending on the particular needs of the consumer. Some may prefer a hotel that is close to the places they want to visit, while others will look for a hotel that allows pets. Some may simply want to be pampered and look for a luxury hotel

Whatever the reason, the decision to make purchase for the modern consumer is often more complicated than it used to be. Consumers will be influenced by information they gather from different sources. For this reason, hotels can no longer depend on any single channel for marketing success.

The best approach for the modern hotelier
The modern consumer’s choices are heavily influenced by the information they gather online. People today will take time to read reviews and try to find the best deals. It is therefore important for hoteliers to think of digital marketing in terms of their goals as opposed to the channels available. This will allow them to select channels wisely

Their approach should:

  • Allow for the use of multiple channels that work together towards achieving a single goal
  • Allow them to choose channels that help them achieve all their goals
  • Allow them to choose different marketing channels that provide support for each other as opposed to competing with each other.

The synergistic approach
It is important for hoteliers to realize that different digital marketing channels may work towards different goals but may also support each other towards achieving the same goal. It is therefore important for hoteliers to choose channels that can work independently as well as build upon each other. This synergistic will ensure better results with greater reach for the hotel. It will also lower the costs of digital marketing, while increasing revenue from direct bookings.

This approach is a certainly a win-win situation for hotels. If you manage or own a hotel and would like to see an increase in revenue, this is the best approach to take in today’s market. If you need help with your digital marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team ready to help your business.


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