Dmexco is a major international digital marketing conference that took place in Cologne, Germany, this year.

Digital marketers should take heed. This year’s conference gave us a number of key takeaways.

There are 5 Big Digital Marketing Stats We Learned From Dmexco this year.

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1. Instagram Opens its Ad Business

Previously, Instagram’s ad business was open only to major brands like John Lewis and McDonald’s. Instagram announced that by the end of the month, 30-second video ads would open to all advertisers. Amy Cole, the head of brand development for the company, said that 97% of ads had generated some sort of significant ad recall.

It shows that Instagram has finally managed to perfect its ad business; anew opportunity for digital marketers worldwide.

2. MasterCard Unveils Surprises

MasterCard has firmly made the transition towards the digital world. CMO Raja Rajammar spoke about the Priceless Surprises program.

It rewards cardholders with random prizes. During the 2014 Grammys, it randomly rewarded fans who tweeted using a specific hash tag with a free Justin Timberlake song. It has offered 250,000 surprises for its customers in the past 15 months.

3. E-Commerce is HUGE in China

China has also seen growth in e-commerce. has racked up 600 million users in the country. 373 million of these users shop directly from its website. Alibaba, in comparison, have 350 million Chinese customers.

4. The Power of Video Strikes Again

The ‘Dear Kitten’ video series from Friskies’ has demonstrated how potent video is for digital marketers. Stephanie Naegali, the digital innovation founder for Nestle, said the video has now had 23.5 million views on YouTube.

This doesn’t take into account the views on other websites or the views for the rest of the series.

5. BuzzFeed Goes International

BuzzFeed has made a big effort to push itself into other global markets. General manager Kate Burns said that the company intends to expand into both Europe and Japan. She said that 45% of BuzzFeed’s traffic now comes from countries outside the US.

Traffic from Germany has increased by 32% to bring in 3.3 million more unique visitors from the period May to June.

The Power of Digital Marketing

These figures demonstrate that companies are beginning to see the power of digital marketing. It also comes with the lesson of rewarding customers and providing new channels in which to engage them.

The success of video content is the standout here. Companies, big and small, should be looking at how they can make multimedia content work for them.

If you guys know more about anything we can learn from Dmexco, please let us know.

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