Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospitality

November 8, 2018  |   Digital Analytics, Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospitality Social Media

Marketing a hotel is a complex undertaking, that's why you need to understand the digital marketing strategy for hospitality. Advances in technology have meant that hotels have had to take their marketing campaigns to the digital marketplace.

This is a whole new landscape for many hotels. It can be difficult trying to find a successful balance, but the benefit of digital marketing is actually worth the effort. The following tips ought to help you find your place.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospitality Website Responsive

Building a Website for the future

Websites ought to be attractive, but they should also be designed for much more. You should have a mobile friendly website design and aim to building a strong online presence. Consider this:

Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospitality Paid Advertising

The Power of Relevant Keywords

Google processes billions of search queries daily (about 40,000 queries per second!) and most people use search engines to find the information they need.

If you want to make any sort of impact in the digital marketing landscape, you must be able to understand the power of keywords, know how to find them and how to use them for search engine marketing. It is important to select relevant keywords and use them in content to obtain better ranking on search results pages.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the use of long tail keywords. These are more specific and should be chosen based on your customers’ needs e.g. ‘Pet friendly Manhattan Hotel’ is a great long tail keyword phrase for customers searching for hotels in Manhattan that allow pets. There are various online tools to help you search for the best keywords to use.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospitality Keywords

Investing in Paid Advertising

Organic posts are a great way to get customers but with information overload, you may not get the attention you need. Paid Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other popular platforms are a great way to boost visibility and grow your audience.

These ads are presented to an audience based on their preferences as well as browsing history. They are therefore presented to audiences that are likely to show interest in what you have to offer. They also can do remarketing, an ads strategy which shown your ads after they already visiting your website or your social media profile.

You can further refine your Paid Ads strategy by including Geo-targeted ads. These are ads presented to viewers from a predetermined geographical area.

Don't forget to measure and track the efforts as well. You can use Google Analytics, a free platform by Google to track your visitors and help you measure your ROI and conversions.

After all, by executing digital marketing, you can track anything you want within the digital media.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospitality Social Media

Leveraging Social Media

Social media plays an important role in communication today. It’s the best place to find your target audience as people spend majority of their time online on social media.

Make use of programs that allow you to manage and monitor various social media accounts on a single platform e.g. Buffer and Hootsuite. This allows you to remain engaged with your target audience on different platforms.

If it is used properly, social media can help you to boost your conversions.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to digital marketing strategies. Be sure to choose channels that will help you meet your goals. Don't choose one above another, here's why you should have both social media and website for your business.

Over the years, Island Media Management has developed many success and aim for conversion website design. We already work with many clients to help them in Search Engine Optimization, managing Google Ads Campaign and leveraging their Social Media through Social Media Management or Social Media Ads.

Digital Marketing Agencies like Island Media Management can develop a well-working, up-to-date digital marketing strategy for your hotel business.

For more information about our services, check on what we do works.

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