How to Get Conversions with Lower CPC for Online Ads

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If you are an online marketer, then you understand how volatile this business can get.  Every new day comes with newer ideas which must be integrated into your overall digital marketing mix. Your target audience today is more informed, probably even better than you are due to easy access of information.  As such, you need to stay on top of the game by identifying new trends and incorporating them into your marketing campaign.

Here are some digital marketing trends that are going to shape this landscape:


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1. Live Video Streaming

Video is more popular than ever before and with mobile connectivity growing, it is no wonder more brands have embraced this marketing tool.  Live streaming is the new battle ground with Facebook joining Meerkat and Periscope in providing a platform for real-time video. These are helping marketers to get the message home in the quickest way possible.

 2. Instagram Ads

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It was a need that was obvious to see and Instagram grabbed the chance instantly. Visual stimulation is core in digital marketing and your brand can easily turn experiences into ads. As the idea catches on, more advertisers will realize the latent potential and rush to enjoy the visibility that comes with over 400 million active monthly users on Instagram.

 3. New Platforms for e-commerce

Google search engine ranking has been key in e-commerce and SEOs are still trying to unlock the convoluted algorithms to rank highly on SERPs. However, Facebook and other players are upping the game by enabling customers to buy from their platforms and also search.  Facebook has optimized its search engine after dropping Bing search and these efforts call for a chance in digital marketing.

 4. SnapChat

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Drive Your Business

It might be cliché but a picture is worth more than a thousand words.  This is the maxim that has enabled SnapChat to excite the social media world.  So much is happening on this platform and brands are now sharing photos and videos of their experiences to enhance customer engagement. By creating teasers for your upcoming services and products, you are able to captivate your target audience. Real-time marketing is more popular today and businesses have to adopt this in order to survive.

 5. Wearable Technology vis-à-vis Healthy Living

Consumers in the modern society are more cognizant about the need for healthy living. Big brands are capitalizing on this by introducing apps to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. Apple has partnered with Nike for such a project. You can also leverage the popularity of wearables to promote such a mobile app. More people will be looking for such tools and your digital marketing campaign must take this into consideration.

Other emerging ideas include Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Pinterest, multichannel approach to marketing and content remarketing. Whatever you do, make sure you stay on top of the digital marketing game.

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