The internet connects us in more ways than we know. Not only does it make distance less of an issue, it also allows us to make it a reality to travel vast distances with just a few swipes and clicks. This digital era is changing how travelers plan and conduct their travels, which consequently change their behaviors as well.

Knowing this change in behavior can help you improve and refine the digital marketing strategy of your business. We’ll share with you some of the main ideas about why you should know the behaviors of travelers in the digital era.

Search Behavior of Digital Traveler

The first thing you need to be aware of is how travelers conduct their search. Nowadays, with mobile smart devices people are more inclined to conduct their searches on the internet and through mobile applications.

In fact, research suggests that in the 12 weeks leading to a trip, there are an estimated 3x more searches in experiences.

It is during these searches that travel businesses can engage with travelers – and tailor them to what they’re initially searching for, experiences. For example, instead of just selling a room reservation, try to highlight more of the experiences that people are looking for. Additionally, it also helps if you’ve got presentable images or videos to express what experiences travelers will have.

Things like travel destinations, ticket prices, weather patterns, and points of interest are readily available for digital travelers. A few swipes and click is all it takes for a digital traveler to book tickets, accommodation or add points of interests to their itinerary.

Personalized Experiences for Digital Traveler

In addition to the behavior and how they search, digital travelers also are used to having information that is tailored to them. Some may not realize it, but our devices are constantly being tracked by cell towers and satellites – which enables personalized data to be delivered straight to your personal devices. Think of the last time you pulled out your phone to look for a nearby restaurant, the results are automatically set to your location and even past personal preferences.

Brands that tailor their information for its audience based on previous patterns of purchase will have an advantage in the digital era.

This tailored information is valuable data that digital travelers are growing to appreciate as it means less hassle for them and an easier traveling experience overall. Learn more on how to build your brand in digital era.

Digital and Voice Assistants

If you look at the newest smartphones by the biggest manufacturers, chances are they all have digital assistants built into their operating system. Both Apple and Android-based devices have digital voice assistants as part of their feature.

As voice commands become more adopted by consumers, their technology will gradually improve and become more accurate in deciphering our requests and commands. Voice assistants allow us to multitask, or make requests while in the middle of doing another activity, without diverting our attention. This is handy when you’re doing something that requires concentration, such as driving, cooking, etc.

There’s also a tendency for people to adopt voice assistants the more they are able to express their commands more naturally, much like a normal conversation you would have with an actual person.

Within the context of traveling, digital assistants are being used to research, book travel tickets, find out the weather pattern, and search for points of interests in their destinations, among other things. Google’s assistant is slowly becoming an essential element in the travel ecosystem as people use them to connect with their destinations and help plan their travel agenda.

Behaviors of Digital Traveler

To summarize, travelers in the digital era expect fast-paced, personally tailored information and services at their fingertips. Technology is just another means to an end for the tech savvy digital traveler. Next time you travel, think about how much you rely on your digital devices and how much it’s integrated into your lives!

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