Digital Travelers are Changing

May 25, 2019

Digital Marketing

As technology continues to advance, more and more travelers are utilizing digital media to plan and organize their travel destinations. One of the primary adopters of this trend is the millennial generation. As business owners, the millennial generation is a demographic that should be anticipated as they are quickly becoming the main workforce in the next five to ten years as they enter the apex of their earning potential.

Digital Travelers seeks experiences

Millennials are characterized by being very tech-savvy, open-minded and are receptive to new experiences and opportunities. Millennials will make the bulk of travelers in the near future. So just how are these travelers changing the digital landscape? We’ll brief you on some insights that are currently trending in regards to traveling.   Women Traveling  


Traveling workforce

As we mentioned earlier, the millennial generation favors seeking opportunities to expand their perspective and horizon in new places and people. They prefer to book their travel plans on their own so they can make sure it aligns with the frequent changes in their agenda, as well as their personal agendas. Additionally, it is now much easier to find and compare reasonably priced flight tickets with a wide variety of booking sites. Travelers in the future will gradually shift their travel workflow to integrate it with their digital lifestyle.   Digital Travelers Shot  


Digital connectedness

Millennials are among the first generation to adopt the digital age into their daily lives. This indicates a demand for a level of connectedness that is seamless between their workspace, personal goals and everything in between. They rely on technology to provide them this unity of connection, which translates to a hassle-free and user-friendly experience in regards to traveling. To accommodate this growing trend, travel marketers should think of ways to unify the experiences on their desktop site, mobile sites and apps in order to create a fluid platform for digital travelers to use.   Do you need help building a digital marketing strategy for your business? Consult with our specialists at Island Media Management, our team consists of experts from different fields and backgrounds to help tailor the strategy and execution to fit your business needs.  

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