Do These When Facebook Advertising Is Not Working

September 16, 2016  |   Marketing, Social Media

Facebook has changed some of their policies where advertising is concerned, making it a little bit more difficult to get the required ROI on a Facebook campaign. Not that it is entirely impossible, but companies need to change strategy in order to make the most out of their Facebook advertising in order to yield the desired results. If your advertisements on Facebook have not yielded the results you want, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you see a marked positive difference as follows:Content Marketing

Be interesting – If all your posts are boring, you cannot expect to get any reasonable following. This is something that Facebook points out, however, as a company you should already ensure that you are not boring anyway. Become interesting and relevant to the viewer and then you can expect to have and keep their attention.

Pictures that don’t need explanation – The photos you post should be self-explanatory. Additionally, the viewer needs to understand them at a glance. These are the kind of photos that people are happy to share and like, and as this happens, your post can begin to show up in more and more news feeds.

Gauge attentiveness – If you want to know just how much attention people are paying to your posts, put up a quote and gauge the response. If you realize that the quote is an attention grabber, turn it into something longer such as a blog post.

Improving visibility – One of the main differences noted with Facebook is that link based posts have seen an improved response from viewers lately. A study done by shoplgnite found that updates that were text based dropped by 65% while those that were link based improved by 30%. This means that you can send direct traffic to your website.

Today, there are many advertisers abandoning Facebook for other more targeted options that may offer them what they consider to be better reach. Some people feel that they should allow the social network to remain a social platform and then look for other networks where they can advertise and get a decent return on their marketing investment.

Any company worth its salt will not drop Facebook entirely though. They will put together a strategy that works and them do their best to implement it while making whatever adjustments are necessary for success. Without that, things may continue to get even more dismal.

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