Do You Know How to Do SEO Effectively in 2017?

April 28, 2017  |   SEO

If there is one term that has dominated internet marketing over the last few years, it has to be semantic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of course, there is no overemphasizing the importance of SEO in boosting an online business but there is really no denying the rapid changes experienced within the industry. 

Internet users today are looking for faster results and this is where semantic search comes in handy. Semantic search is all about giving a user meaningful results even if their search query does not include keywords.

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In semantic SEO, the search algorithm is smart enough to know what the user wants and based on this alone, it is a great idea to start building a long-term SEO strategy. In essence, semantic SEO is about embracing artificial intelligence as opposed to relying on keywords.

RankBrain, an artificial intelligence (AI) program used to help process Google search queries, is just one of the reasons why you have to optimize your content for different search engines. If you are planning to fine-tune your SEO strategy in 2017, below are some ideas to help guide you.

Website Audit and Semantic SEO

Now that artificial intelligence is playing a big role in search engine results, it is crucial to optimize your keywords for LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), which are basically keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword and contextual clues as opposed to keywords. To get this done, consider the following:

  1. Fix technical glitches, including response status codes that are incorrect, duplicate content, slow speed problems, and long or short Meta tags among others.
  2. Contextualization of keyword research and optimization – Come up with a keyword strategy. You should start by getting keyword suggestions from different sources, broaden your keyword halo and learn what your target audience wants to know.
  3. Work on your link structure – Descriptive texts on your links are crucial and linking to inner pages is a must. Deep linking is more advisable and it is advisable to avoid too many outgoing links from one page.
  4. Leverage structured data – Your ‘Question and Answer’ content should be structured in a simple manner while review markup can be used to ensure that your rich snippets are enhanced. Make sure your brand stands out.

Mobile-first search Index

Google’s separate mobile search index is on the way, hence the need to enhance your mobile SEO strategy. Make sure to convert your web pages into Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Increase site speeds and uses a schema markup that is local for easier navigation.

Leveraging SEO Tools

There are multiple SEO tools to help optimize your content for semantic search while also helping track your ongoing strategy. They range from LSI keywords, CTRL Semantic Engine and Ubersuggest among others.

If you need help on catching up with the SEO trends in 2017, feel free to contact us anytime as we are happy to help you gain more success online.

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