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April 17, 2019

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Behind every successful business is an SEO-optimized website to compete for ranks on the web. This seemingly subterranean part of your business will improve the overall visibility, ranking and searchability of your products or services. However, there are even more benefits of having an SEO-optimized website. We’ll be outlining compelling reasons how SEO will increase the value and potential of your company.  

SEO Website Review

Increase organic search, increase traffic.

Organic search plays an important role in increasing your website’s traffic and overall performance. It is arguably one of the critical components of the buyer funnel and will help your business secure a conversion when optimized properly.  

Impact on having SEO Optimized Website

Build trust, rapport & credibility

SEO-optimized website establishes authority of the content. This translates to a clean and intuitive user interface that instills confidence in your audience when reading the content. However, this credibility is not something that happens overnight. Therefore SEO is best implemented over the long term.  

Local SEO Optimized for Website

Increase engagement & likely conversions with Local/targeted SEO

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the main source of traffic on the web. With mobile devices, local searches are becoming the main source of success for smaller to medium sized businesses. Think of the last time you needed to search for a coffee shop by your house, or a book store near your office. Optimized local SEO aims to optimize your digital content targeted for a specific area where there is most potential. This can be implemented by optimizing website for certain location-based keywords, local citations and backlinks, just to name a few.  

How to Influence Buying Cycle

Influence buying cycle

Buyers will typically do research before they proceed with a transaction. It makes sense, as they want to know what product or service they’re getting into and what to expect. As a business owner, this is your chance to relay current promotions, values and dependability of your products or services.  

Update on Website

Understand the environment of the web

Keeping your SEO-optimized website running means you’re constantly aware and updating your website with the latest changes that take place on the World Wide Web. Knowing these changes, can help you stay ahead of your competitors.   As you can see, there are many real and tangible benefits to having an SEO-optimized website for your business. Not only will it increase the traffic, but also elevate your credibility in the long run. And there is no better way of increasing your business than building trust with your brand. Island Media Management is committed to providing measurable, data-driven results for your business. We are the premier digital marketing agency in Bali, with services that include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management and much more. Feel free to contact us to learn how we can help you grow your business.

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