Wondered why your SEO efforts aren’t working? Did you check Duplicate content?

March 11, 2014  |   SEO

It was a normal Tuesday morning at Island Media Management and I was just replying to an email from a potential customer about his website. This client was using a local SEO service provider here in Bali for over a year now and was not happy with the results. He asked us if we can help him to improve his rankings and get them back on track as they were not receiving any bookings through their website.


Check the SEO work done so far

For sure the first thing I did was to have a look at their website to see what was going on. With all our potential customers we like to do a review of their property to see what we would be working with. We can’t possibly know how we can help clients without first understanding how a clients website is performing.

We have an internal procedure to go through checking a clients website for the best practice SEO that Google endorses. If they are not following Google’s guidelines then there is a clear problem. I wrote about this in a previous post that you can see here – One way to see if your Bali SEO company knows what they are doing!


Duplicate Content

Duplicate content harms SEO efforts and badly effects your rankings.
Check duplicate content with CopyScape.

One of the things we can easily check on a website is duplicate content. With this particular inquiry the website was all about Villa Properties in Bali. For anyone living in Bali you will know that competition is mad in the property market so having your site up to scratch is a must if you even want to attempt to rank well.

A great tool to check duplicate content is a website called ‘CopyScape“.

When we ran some URL’s through copyscape we could clearly see that there was a huge issue!

With the first URL over 80 sites with the same duplicate content.

When we tested more URL’s we came across the same problem time and time again.


What’s the deal with duplicate content

Google loves to have new and fresh content! If you have content that Google has already indexed in it’s listing then it does not consider it new, or fresh.

What does Google do with Duplicate content? Pretty much the same as what you would do with old news…..ignore it!

So considering this company doesn’t want their site ignored it looks like we will have to go and rewrite the entire content on the site as the problem runs throughout the site.

One may ask what their local Bali SEO company was doing for the last year.


If you would like us to do a review for you on the efforts by your SEO company then feel free to contact us.  If you are Bali based then you are welcome to come in an visit our offices any time.

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