Creating Effective Brand Awareness Campaign

September 22, 2019

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Creating Effective Brand Awareness Campaign Sunshine

As a business owner, brand awareness is one of the most valuable things to have. However, building proper and precise brand awareness that is effective to the growth of your business is no easy task. It requires significant research and industry knowledge to know how to deliver an effective brand awareness campaign, especially if your business is just starting out.

Without the proper tools, strategy and execution, your campaign can run flat and worse, not return your investment. Therefore, many businesses often opt to partner up with an agency who are experts in the field and can handle and fine tune a brand awareness campaign to tailor to the needs and value of the brand. Here are some tips on creating an effective brand awareness campaign.

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Get creative with content and design

First impressions matter. It takes only a few seconds for consumers to form an opinion about the overall look and feel of your brand, which is conveyed mostly through the images and design of your business website and online assets. Two things to take note of with regards to design are: to make sure it consistently and accurately represents the overall feel and look of your business, and the design should also be up to date with current trends and standards.

While design and imagery form the first few seconds of a user’s impression, the content of the text itself comes in a very close place. Text should be readable and easy to digest. Don’t forget to also include calls to action whenever possible. Consumer psychology has proven that call to action phrases, when placed in the correct places, can offer the right incentives for your audience to connect with your brand.

Become an authority by doing research

By conducting your own original research, you are demonstrating to the consumers that you are a knowledgeable expert in the field. This builds authority and most importantly, trust with your audience which can go a long way to building a solid brand recognition among your audience.

An added bonus is that your audience can then help you increase brand awareness by referring to your research to other people, given that your research is valid and backed with empirical evidence.

Fine tune your content with relevant hashtags

This is especially important for your social media platforms. Hashtags help categorize the content published on social media platforms into their own subgroups, which deepens the interaction between you and the audience that are actually interested in the product or service you are offering.

Hashtags also place your content in their respective industry, assuming you are using the appropriate tags. However, don’t just makeup hashtags on your own. Take some time and do some research on what tags are on the rise, and are relevant to your industry and business.

By fine tuning your hashtags, you can significantly increase the chance of your brand being discovered, and can also increase your engagement on social media.

  • Measure and keep track of brand awareness progress

As the saying goes, you can’t improve what you can’t see. Measuring your progress, and keeping track of your brand awareness campaign is just as important as the execution. Keep an eye out for trends and changes, as these may give insight on how your consumers and audience are perceiving your brand.

Make note of things that garner positive response and negative responses, and fine tune your campaign using the data that you have. Also helpful, is using the data to create benchmarks for your brand, and use that to continually push your brand further.

  • Tap into social causes

This one is applicable only if your brand has the ability to reach out and embrace a social cause that matters for the community. When executed properly, tapping into social causes can establish a connection that helps your brand identify with a social cause that your audience believes in.

However, because this involves issues that are outside of just your business values, it must be done properly and tastefully, otherwise you risk damaging your brand name instead.

Be authentic

Think about the unique selling points of your business. What is something that makes your business more authentic, something that you have that others don’t? This is especially important when you are building a business in a saturate industry with high competition. To stand out from the rest, you will need to demonstrate how you are different than the rest, and what you can deliver to them that others cannot.

Think about it, consumers have to sort through a lot of options and choices on their list before purchasing a product or services. One way to catch their attention, and get you brand recognized is by being authentic!

Building proper brand awareness takes time, investment and research.

However, when executed properly it can return your investment in the form of trust, loyalty and a solid perception of your brand.

There are many factors and variables that can come into play along the way, hence why many are opting to partner up with agencies that are experts in the field to ensure it is done tastefully.

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