How to Do Effective Marketing on Twitter

May 15, 2015  |   Marketing, Social Media

As a social network, Twitter is a powerful tool for modern marketers, because millions of people use Twitter daily. As a marketer, you can capitalize on the large volume of users on this social network to market your products or brand. You can also use it to reach target markets and even establish your brand online.

9 Tips to Do Effective Marketing on Twitter

Here are simple tips that will enable you to do effective marketing on Twitter:

1. Complete your Profile

example 2 marketing strategy on twitterA complete Twitter profile presents you to the prospects in a professional manner. As such, include your name, a clear description and a nice photo in your profile.

You can also share a professional blog and location of your business with the target prospects. This will present you as an expert in what you do while allowing the prospects to easily get vital information about you.

2. Know Important Ground Rules
Twitter acts as a community with its own rules. Before you start using it as a marketing tool, take time to watch and learn these rules. This includes connecting with other people in your industry or niche. You can do this by looking at the people that are followed by your followers.

You can also use Twitter analytics and other tools like Kred and Klout to identify individuals in your niche on Twitter.

Twitter has supportive and friendly people who will help you understand the rules of the Twitter community.

3. Connect with like-minded Persons
People do not communicate with brands but with people. Regardless of the size of your company, people on Twitter like connecting with a person. People will not talk to your business brand.

Therefore, come up with human and personable updates instead of polished and scrubbed updates. If possible, choose a person that will be writing Twitter updates for your business so that you can have a unique face for your tweets.

4. Make your Tweets a Conversation
Twitter provides a two-way path where you can hold a conversation with your prospects. For instance, you can use it to start a conversation with people by posing a question. This implies that your business must have someone who will actively listen to the customers and respond to their questions.

This conversation makes Twitter a wonderful marketing tool because it helps in creating an emotional connection between a brand and target prospects or consumers. This relationship is very important because consumers have more choices nowadays.

5. Tweet at the Right Time
Many factors determine the right time for tweeting. However, using best-time algorithm can enable you to determine the right tweeting time. There are tools that can help you in scheduling your tweets so that they can be seen by more prospects and engage them.

6. Integrate Keywords
Integrating keywords in your tweets will enable you to drive more traffic to your website. You can use free resources such as the Keyword Tool from Google to find the most ideal keyword phrases to integrate in your tweets.

Nevertheless, avoid keyword stuffing because the short nature of tweets can tempt you to include keywords excessively. Instead, come up with tweets that include keywords in a natural way.

7. Use Hash tags
Adding hash tags at the end of the tweets makes your target searches easy to find for other users and this enhances exposure. However, you should avoid overusing hash tags because this can make them obnoxious. Just use them where necessary and make their use simple.

Before adding a hash tag, think about what other users would search for naturally. For instance, if you are posting a tweet for a floral shop, you can add #springflowers in your tweet with regard to an ongoing promotion and this will make the tweet feature in the relevant searches.

8. Regular Giveaways
Offering users something gives them a reason for being your followers. If you have followers, it means that people have proclivity for your messages. Therefore, it is sensible to reward them. You can do this by providing inside information on special offers.

You can also have a one-on-one conversation with your prospects. This way, you will convert followers into your brand ambassadors and you can even invite them to product launches and other corporate events.

9. Analyze Data Carefully
Tracking all steps of your marketing campaign is very important. By analyzing a Twitter account’s data, you can easily determine the progress of your marketing campaign and then determine the most appropriate step to take.

For instance, you should consider statistics like retweets, backlinks and business mentions. This way, you will know the appropriate adjustments and improvements.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool requires patience and time, which is something that most marketers do not consider. However, if you do your Twitter marketing properly, it will definitely pay off. Simply implement these practices and you will not only establish a strong Twitter marketing campaign, but also increase your business sales online.

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