Engagement in Social Media. New ways to boost it

February 24, 2017

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One of the more frustrating aspects of social media marketing is lack of engagement. It can be costly and disheartening if the audience is not becoming excited about what you have to say. You need to first connect with your audience before you can see engagement. Here are some of the ways how you can create engagement.

Building Engagement in Social Media

  • Stop them from scrolling – In order to do this, you will need them to engage with the brand. You will need to post what they would like to see if this is to be achieved. To achieve that, you will need to know the following:
    • Why do they log on to this social media platform? – Is it to read news stories? Catch up with friends? Look at pictures posted by their connections? If this is the reason, then you may want to post engaging pictures to grab their attention.
    • Know their interests off social media – Once you have that information, post related information to grab their attention.
    • Use humor – Most people are looking for a good laugh on social media. If you can get them to laugh, you have them. Additionally, they will be more likely to share your post as well.
  • Cause a reaction – Facebook reactions enable people to respond appropriately to content when the like button just doesn’t cut it. Inspire them to express themselves by using the angry, sad, wow, ha ha and love reactions.
    • Use emojis – When you use an emoji, it tells the reader what reaction you expect from them and acts as a prompt. If your post is funny, be sure to have a laughing emoji alongside it.
    • Use a reaction – You should consider asking people to react. If you are having a competition online, reward people who use a particular reaction button.
    • Ask the audience to review you – it may be difficult for someone to sit down to write out a review, but you could ask them to use one of the reactions as their review. One of the ways to know how people feel about a product or topic is to post it and then ask for Facebook reactions in response.
  • Intrigue your audience – You can do this in several different ways as follows:
    • Data – Compelling data or facts that are not very well known can get people to engage with your content.
    • Release a new product – You can let your followers be the very first to know about your new product by unveiling it across your social media platforms.
    • Giveaways – Freebies will have them talking and it is a great opportunity to get their email addresses.
    • Live videos – This is the ultimate engagement machine because it combines imagery, sound and movement to get the attention of your audience.
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