Island Media Management launches English copy writing service

August 27, 2013

Business Services

English writing Bali As an expat living in Indonesia the last 13 years, I’ve seen my fair share of failed attempts at cross-language advertising. There is no doubt that fantastic opportunities exist for businesses here in Bali who advertise to both Indonesian-, and English-speaking market segments. Unfortunately, attempts to cross the language barrier often result in confusing messages, poor spelling, and grammatical errors. Island Media Management is pleased to announce the addition of English-language copy writing to its portfolio of services. There seems to exist a broad need for English copy writing and proofreading services on the island. We’ve noticed companies large and small (from local warungs to McDonalds) featuring errors in the messages they wish to convey. This is where we identify a great opportunity to help Bali’s business community- through English copy writing and proofing services. With all content being produced solely by native English-speakers, you can be sure our copy writing services are provided to the highest quality. This will ensure that your customers are receiving your intended message loud and clear, without distracting errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Furthermore, our versatile team can conform your message to En-US or En-GB standards. We are targeting these services toward both traditional media (such as press releases, print advertising and billboard text) and online publishing. Clients using our copy writing services can be confident that all spelling and grammar is 100% accurate and correct. When the copy is written for an online application, we also include “search engine optimization” of the content, focusing on key search terms and thereby driving more potential customers to your website. Go ahead and contact us for more information on these new services from IMM. We are looking forward to working with you soon!

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