Facebook has evolved form an ordinary social media network to one of the most important business marketing platforms. With over 1.86 monthly active users (MAUs) and 1.15 billion daily active users (DAUs), this is an influential platform every marketer should leverage. There are already over 4 million advertisers today on Facebook, a 50% growth from 2015.

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These numbers highlight the importance of this social media network in the contemporary business world. However, new advertisers face unique challenges, especially when it comes to deciding the best format. Do you boost your post or run a news feed ad? This can be confusing and to capitalize on the opportunities available in Facebook marketing, you need to fully understand these different formats.

Below is a quick guide to breakdown Facebook advertising formats:

Facebook Boost Posts or Promoted Posts: What’s the Difference?

To use these adverts with better returns, it is important to understand what each entails. Take a look:

  • Facebook News Feed Ads
    These ads are used to meet specific goals by running them in the desktop or mobile news feed of your targeted audiences. Such goals include increasing page likes, page post engagement, video views, app installs, website clicks, boosting website conversion and event responses among many more.

    Setting up a news feed ad campaign should start with selecting targeting options which can range from age, hobbies, gender, and location among others. Once you have selected the audience, go ahead and set a budget, and create content and a call to action (CTA) for better results. These ads can take different formats but they all show up in the Facebook news feed as sponsored content.

  • Boosted Facebook Posts
    These ads are aimed at targeting a specific audience and enhancing visibility. These Facebook news feed ads take the form of posts which are promoted through the Facebook’s news feed advertising platform. You can boost posts, videos, photos and offers form your business account which guarantees your content appears higher on the news feed for the target audience.  This means more people will see and read your posts leading to better returns on your ad campaign.

    Boosting has been found to be a better Facebook marketing strategy as more people will read your posts. This grows your brand and also drives more engagement. The only drawback with boosting is lack of advanced call to action (CTA) capability, making it unviable when you have specific advertising goals. Other Facebook news feed ads also offer customization of CTA to achieve specific marketing objectives.

Fusing Facebook news feed ads with boosted posts is a smart strategy to enjoy the best of both worlds. It is a great idea to harness the power of the most popular social media network.We can help you generating smart strategy for your

Island Media Management can help you generating smart strategies for your business through facebook and social media advertising. Contact us if you are curious about us and clients that we’ve been handling for all of our services here.

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