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June 6, 2014

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We all know how popular Facebook is these days and so more and more people are turning to Facebook to promote themselves and their business. Facebook provides a great advertising system for businesses, which makes it possible for you to customize your recipients in combination with your specific target market. You can get information on who your ads are reaching, and choose who you want to target. You can make use of those capabilities to create highly targeted campaigns to make your Facebook advertisement more successful.

Think about who the main users of your products or services are and who are you targeting, and why?

 Create targeted Facebook ads

When you’re trying to create a successful campaign, ask yourself some questions: Are my potential customers mainly female or male? How old are my customers? And where are they coming from? Luckily, you can use Facebook insights to get a lot of important information about the people who like your page. Make sure to use this data when you’re creating a new advertisement for Facebook!

Facebook demographics

The people who like your page represent the type of individuals who may respond positively to your campaigns. Build your advertisement around the given statistics and implement options that make sense for your company. For example, if you own some hotels in the USA, but realize that a great number of your guests come from Canada, make sure to include Canada in your advertisement reach!

But don’t include too many unnecessary locations, because it will raise your cost per click, but may not increase the interactions with your ads. If your reach isn’t global or national, you can target users by state, city or zip code! When you’re looking at targeting specific ages, genders and interests you can implement the same strategy. Choose options that make the most sense for your brand.

Facebook target group

Customize ads for your target Market

After defining your target group, you can create ads that are interesting for that precise group. If most of your customers are female, make an ad that speaks to women. If you want to reach families, you may want to include a family photo and an exciting call to action. You are also able to run different campaigns targeting different individuals, like males and females.

So if one ad is effective with men but not very popular with women, you could split them and make one campaign for each gender. Customizing your ads will support the success of your campaigns! So you should produce advertisements based on age, language, location or gender to reach the right target markets. This will result in higher click through rates and decrease your cost per click, because you focus on smaller target markets.

Test your ads constantly

To find out what works for you and what doesn’t, it’s important to test several ads over a certain period of time to see how each one performs. If you notice that some pictures or texts aren’t going well, just switch them up and look for measurable improvements on Facebook. Subsequently, you can run the successful ads in your campaign. But keep in mind that new trends are surfacing constantly and people’s tastes change over time. This is why it’s so important to re-evaluate your target markets on a regular basis and create the advertisement accordingly.


Facebook ads are a great and simple way to reach your potential customers and promote your brand. If you have any further questions on how to use Facebook advertisement in the most efficient way, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you liked this post then you may like this one too – A good SEO Campaign needs CTA & Customer Retention

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