How Hashtags Work on Facebook

April 20, 2015

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Facebook was a bit late in joining the hashtag bandwagon compared to its social media platform counterparts like Twitter. But just like most of the other social media platforms, Facebook hashtags support the use of letters, numbers and the underscore. Special characters like ‘, &, @, +, !, $, %, -, ^, * are not to be included, no space should be left between words and it is recommended that capital letters be used at the start of each word e.g., #FacebookHashtags, to avoid confusion.

Role of Facebook Hashtags

The role of the Facebook hashtag is similar to its role on other social media platforms: To generate conversations around people, specific topics and trending events, resulting in increased interactions, more following, a bigger audience and more visibility.

Facebook HashtagsHashtags on Facebook are engineered to be used in a user’s personal profile, fan page, Facebook groups, event posts and can even be added in the comments.

When a Facebook hashtag is clicked, you are redirected to a URL with a feed of all the posts using the same hashtag. This makes it easy for you to follow the discussion and contribute to it directly.

Industry-specific hashtags are always recommended, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot be creative enough to come up with your own hashtag. You are, after all, in a better position to judge the relevance of a hashtag with your audience. You also can gauge a hashtag’s traction using Facebook graph search before deciding whether to use it or not.

Facebook Security Settings

You need not worry about your security settings on Facebook because they still prevail even with the use of a hashtag. Using hashtags on your post does not mean that your post becomes visible to everyone who follows the conversation. If your post is visible to ‘Friends Only’, then these are the only people able to see your contributions as well. The same, of course, applies to you; you are only able to see the posts of the people whose security settings allow you to.

As you wonder whether to use hashtags on Facebook, consider what you want to achieve and do not use them just because. This way, the hashtag you use will have the relevance and the results that you intend it to. Remember not to go overboard – one or two hashtags for a post is enough.

Whether you are a marketer or a business that intends to reach a wider audience, whether an event organizer that needs to create buzz around an event, whether you are running a campaign that requires widespread influence, using hashtags correctly on Facebook can never bring you harm.

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