How Facebook Insights help with Audience Personas – Part 1

February 8, 2016

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Before we go into how Facebook Insights can help create audience personas, let’s talk a little deeper about audience personas. Please take a look our briefly introduction about personas itself in last week’s blog post.

The first step in achieving your goals in content marketing is identifying your audience, understanding them and focusing your efforts on meeting their information and buyers’ needs. To successfully achieve this, you need to correctly create personas to help you shape your communication strategy.

The Idea of Audience Personas

An audience persona is a model that best describes your customer based on intelligence gathered over time. Marketers use many tools including surveys, feedback and digital analytic tools among others to collect data and they eventually use this data to determine their different audience personas. Each persona requires a different marketing strategy to reach, engage and eventually convert them into a customer.

Underlined Points of Audience Personas

The points below will help you understand why these personas should be central to your marketing plan and why analyzing them should be your top priority:

1. Content Relevance: It is important to understand that audiences only consume what is relevant to their situation. Normally, they scheme through various types of content and anything that does not strike a chord with them is set aside. If you do your research and understand what they are looking for, you will be able to rightly focus on producing content that resonates with the target audience.

2. Understanding Your Audience’s Journey in Buying Your Product: The buyer journey refers to the steps that a buyer takes to eventually take the final action that you are expecting them to take in regard to your product or service. If you understand customer shopping behavior, you will be able to focus your content on exactly where they are in the buyer journey and adjust your approach.


 3. Timing: When it comes to creating your audience personas, one of the most important points is to make sure that you know when they are most likely to consume your content. It is pointless to create great content only to push it at the wrong time because you end up losing your target.

4. Technology: Choosing the right technology to display your content is a direct result of understanding what works for your audience. For example, if your audience spends 90% of their time on desktops, then it would be unnecessary to create a mobile application to reach them.

5. Demographics: Who is your audience? What do they do for a living? Where are they? What language do they speak? These are some of the questions that audience personas answer and they are important in determining whether the content you are planning to share with them is actually going to reach them.

Audience-Specific Content

Once you have studied, understood and created your audience personas, the next step is to ensure that you combine these four aspects to produce audience-specific content.

It is true that if you offer relevant information to an audience that is ready to buy, and you ensure that the information is available through technology that they are conversant with; the chances of conversion are much higher. This means that the importance of audience personas cannot be underscored when it comes to creating marketing strategies in reaching potential buyers, including with the help of Facebook Insights.

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