How Facebook Insights Help with Audience Personas – Part 2

February 12, 2016

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Do you market your business through Facebook? Take advantage of the insight data to analyze your audience personas and decide from there who exactly your potential buyers are.

Facebook Insights Role in Buyer Personas Creation

Facebook insights are vital and are available to page administrators and are extremely handy when it comes to understanding your audience and the way they interact with the content you share. You can then use the core dynamics of the insights to create model audiences, otherwise known as personas, to guide you in creating content that match your potential buyers.

This information also helps in making advertising decisions as well as targeting. Here is a short guide to employ in using Facebook insights:

People: This is one of the most informative insights that Facebook offers and can be used to give a lot of dynamics when it comes to determining who your model audience is.

  • Gender – What percentage is male or female?
  • Age – Which group in terms of age interacts or engages with the page?
  • Location – What city or country are they in?
  • Language – What is their main language?
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With this information, you are able to make sure your content is tailored to reach the gender and age group that has an interest in your content with a language they understand and in the exact location they are in. This focus will not only help you in targeting but will also save you money when it comes to advertising because you will only push content to the exact people who need it.

Posts: This insight data can help you determine the behavior and the buyer journey of the audience you have. When you post a certain type of content, Facebook analyzes for you how the audience reached is interacting with it and helps you understand whether it is relevant and well timed. In turn, you can pick some characteristics of your audience personas here based on how they interact with each type of content that you post. Here you get to know:

  • What time your audience is usually online
  • How they interact with content in terms of likes, shares or comments
  • What kind of content they prefer to engage with

This will help you understand the best time to reach your audience, how to structure your content and anticipate the reach and the engagement.

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Page Likes: These metrics tells you the number of likes you have on your page and whether you got them organically or through paid advertising. It also gives you the number of people who have left your page and the dates. You can correlate this with the posts you had shared during this time to see whether you need to adjust the buyer personas characteristics.

Other Metrics: Reach, page views and video insights are also important although they may fall broadly on the above three major categories.

Consistently Content Revising and Matching

Facebook ensures that page administrators get these insights daily to enable them keep revising and matching to get the best buyer personas that fit their content profile. It also helps them to adjust their marketing tactics to make the best of the platform.

It is important to consistently push varying types of content and test different theories to see your audience reaction. This will help you to correctly identify buyer behavior and avoid any assumptions. You can even run content tests like posting videos at different times of the day, posting similar content in different days, targeting advertisements to different locations and languages among other similar tactics.

So what do you think? Do you pull your Facebook Insights data out on a daily basis? Share your encounters with us below.

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