How Facebook Insights help with Audience Personas – Part 3

February 15, 2016

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Facebook provides basic metrics that any marketer can easily use to study, understand and determine who their ideal customer is, their buyer behavior, their demographics and their willingness to buy. It also goes further to offer advanced insights that can help businesses understand their audiences better with insights for developers.

Using Insights for Developers in Facebook to Create Audience Personas

When it comes to building audience personas, these insights will help you especially in determining the technology to use, and whether any technical implementations you have decided to use are convenient for your audience. This relates to how your website or application makes use of Facebook. Here are some of the insights and how to use them to define your personas:

1. Shares: This means content that users push directly from your site or blog to their Facebook pages. This insight will show you whether your targeted audience is technically savvy, it also shows which operating system they are using i.e. android, iOS or the web. This is very important in defining this classification of audience persona.


facebook for developers - domain insights


2. Domain Insights: The domain metrics help you understand the traffic that Facebook is referring to your website. This will help you understand whether your audience likes learning more than just what you have given them on the page. If your audience likes clicking on links provided, you can concentrate on providing a greater experience on the website as opposed to confining them to your Facebook page.

3. Facebook Analytics Specialized for Apps: Are you using apps in your business? Facebook insights can also help you analyze how your customers are interacting with your application including details like app installations; the sessions received per a certain period, active users of the app, among others details. You however need to set up these metrics on Facebook for developers to get the insights.


facebook for developers - facebook analytics for apps


4. Logins: Some websites that require registrations or logins allow their users to directly use their Facebook accounts to register or login. This makes the users’ work much easier and convenient, and insights help you understand how many users prefer to login using their accounts as opposed to using emails or other social accounts.

Remind Yourself Your Audience Technical Capacity

Based on these advanced insights, a business owner or a content creator can understand the technical capacity of his/her audience personas and in turn either advance it and make it stronger, maintain it or downgrade. It can also help to see whether you have some audiences that prefer to use these advanced tactics and understand whether they make a core component of your business customers.

One oversight that some businesses make when it comes to technology is assuming that their customers are moving with the digital times. Is important not to lose your audience in tools that they are not conversant with or they are unwilling to use. For example, if you develop an app that you have properly marketed to your customers but still nobody is installing, it could mean that they are not interested in using it.

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