Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet 2016 – Part II

May 20, 2016  |   Marketing, Social Media

As a social media platform, Facebook offers so many features, and even, new inventions. With so many things it has, Facebook not only become an online social media for individual, but indeed an important online marketing tool for companies and businesses.

Next 5 Steps:

Last week we introduced five steps on how to maximize on Facebook, but there is so much more to this topic, including this 5:

6. Pin to the Top or Hide Posts:  If you would like to highlight a specific post, you can pin it to the top of the page for as many as 7 days. This is a fantastic feature to use if you have content that you do not want to get lost amidst all the other posts. It is also a fantastic place to put information about promotions and events that are coming up or for calls-to-action of some of the current offers that you have. When 7 days elapse and your pin expires, put up another. You may also be able to hide a post from the timeline or to simply delete it if you click the pencil icon.

IMI Facebook Screenshot

7. Make the Most of Visual Content: The emphasis with the current Facebook design is on videos and images i.e. visual content. Be sure then to take advantage of that. If your post has a picture or an album, Facebook studies show that it can get twice the engagement of other posts. It is important for you to post the best of your visual content or to begin creating more visual content. This means that you want to maximize on infographics, pictures, charts and other visual content. The good thing is that you can use this content on other networks that are also visual oriented, such as Google+ and Pinterest.

8. Craft Customized Page Tabs: Using the section titled “Views & Apps”, you can make your own custom tabs. Facebook eliminated its users’ ability to come up with a customized welcome landing page but with these, you can have landing pages inside your business page. The landing pages can also be used to make calls-to-action or to give information of promotions you may be running. The custom tabs you create using Facebook Tab Customizer can also have lead generation forms that allow you to convert visitors to your page into leads immediately.

IMI Facebook Screenshot 

9. Milestones: You can now add milestones to your page history. With this feature, you will be able to draw attention to any events of significance in regards to the history of your business. This is the tool to use if you want to highlight specific achievements of the business including awards won or other accolades, major events, fan growth and product releases. You will need to access the status update box and then create a milestone, past or new. The milestone will prompt you for information that you will need to provide in regards to the milestone, such as the date, location, name, an image and a description of the story. The image is a large one at 843 by 403 pixels.

10. Maximize on Facebook Insights: This is the internal analytics tool that is provided by Facebook. It will help you to measure and also analyze your presence on Facebook. It will give you data regarding page visits as well as engagement and will help you make conclusions about the content that is engaging or not engaging your fans. You can see the insights by simply clicking on the “Admin Panel” or by going to facebook.com/insights.

Facebook Marketing and Advertising

If these ten mentioned steps appeal to you, you should implement them into your Facebook marketing and advertising plans. See if you could garner the response for your business through these ways. We have 5 more steps to help you in your Facebook marketing, make sure to read our next blog post.

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