Have you read our last two blog posts on how to maximize Facebook marketing for your business in 2016? If you have not, go check it out to get the full list of 15 steps on how to maximize on Facebook in 2016. If your business is represented on Facebook, there is so much you can do to generate likes, followers, and, even, business inquiries.

5 Last Approaches:

In these 5 last approaches, we will talk more about how to draw attention by connecting with other business pages and users by tagging them, and also, connecting other apps to your business Facebook page.

1. Tag other Business Pages and Users – Previously, it was impossible to tag any other page. You could only tag users but today you can tag both. Your page will become more interactive and engaging if you allow others to also post some of their content onto your timeline. With this feature enabled, you will also be able to publish your posts on the timelines of others who will have used the tag option to post their content on your timeline automatically.

2. Have Your YouTube Channel Connected – If your company has already set up a YouTube channel, simply go to your Facebook page and add on the YouTube App. This way, your visitors will be able to view your videos right on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet 2016 - Part III

3. Connect to SlideShare – If you would like to be able to put up presentations, then SlideShare is the App to include. You can make this a tab on your Facebook page.

4. Connect to Flickr – This is a great idea for those whose business includes a lot of visual content. Use the Flickr App to pull all those photos you have on Flickr onto your Facebook page.

5. Open Graph App: Facebook has an application for open graphs, which means that you do not have to limit yourself to apps built by others. You are now able to create an app that can support all your marketing initiatives. This Open Graph App gives room for developers to now create apps in a friction less manner. You will need to provide permission one time and then also automatically share on Facebook how people who use the app engaged with it. Additionally, the friends of the app user can also easily join in. The Open Graph Apps can support calls-to-action that are customizable. If you have noticed apps on Facebook, such as the Washington Post, Hulu and Spotify, you will clearly see this. They prompt the user to listen, watch or read. In order to create an app that is specifically for your business, you will need to engage a developer to do the coding and will need to also follow the guidelines provided by Facebook in order to have your application integrated into Facebook.


Facebook Open Graph App1-2

We hope these 15 steps can help you path your way to reaping the benefits with Facebook advertising and marketing. If there are some points that you are experiencing difficulty with, don’t hesitate to contact us here or leave a comment below!

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