It doesn’t take a social media expert to know that the most crucial time in Facebook ads marketing is the fourth quarter of the year, also known as Q4. This is the period where businesses build their marketing strategies to save resources for Christmas and have the highest potential to earn lots of money compared to other times of the year.

But first, you should know the challenges and the competitiveness you will face during this period to make your Facebook advertising strategy work.

Find out the three W’s -When, Where and What you should advertise to dominate Q4.

When does Q4 really happen?

Facebook confirmed that the peak of daily conversions takes place from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. November is the month where the real e-commerce Q4 begins. It continues up to December with Christmas day also as a climax. Companies usually make up to 50% of their yearly revenue during this month.

Here are some of our tips of things you must do for Q4;

Accumulate more engagement so you can retarget this traffic with your special promo during Q4. Prepare your business plan well and make sure you have enough resources. Lastly, make sure to use your best content, do not use standard ads.

Where should your ads be placed?

One essential factor for effective Facebook advertising is to make sure you’re targeting is correct. Here are the things you must avoid to ensure productive advertising;

Since 2019, the size of your audience matters when it comes to ad sets performance. The more audience you have for your traffic, the better the performance on Facebook. The size of your budget is also a determining factor. You need a reasonable budget for Facebook to have space for learning. The ideal amount for Q4 is about twice the usual budget for the same campaign. Don’t stick to ad set-level budgeting as it’s not in line with the future of Facebook ads management.

What should be shown to your audience?

It’s proven that around 56% of conversions refer to high-quality ads, and creatives are really the success secret to ads. What are high-quality ads? They are the ads your customers click on which eventually turn into purchases. Here are the features you should know about;

They are short videos, usually lasting no more than 15 seconds. Additionally, the first 3 seconds should be the best and most attention-grabbing, to engage the audience and drive them to click the link. It should be possible to watch the video muted, as most Facebook users view their videos and stories without sound.


Use captivating captions, headlines and thumbnails with a call to action and present your product clearly. Use anything you might think is effective through the ad without the use of sound. Remember to highlight your brand with your logo and distinctive colours. Keep your texts simple and short as people don’t like long, complicated texts in their feeds.

There’s so much more to know about Facebook advertising in Q4, these 3W’s are a good start for your business. The bottom line is to make sure you save enough resources and budget for this last quarter of the year, get your best ads ready, and build your most efficient campaigns.

Need help on executing Facebook Ads strategies?

Contact us at Island Media Management as our experts in social media advertising are ready to optimise Facebook ads for your business throughout Q4 and any other time of the year. What We Do Works.

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