Facebook Trends 2016 – Part II

May 30, 2016

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Facebook is a platform changing at a high pace which brings fast moving trends with it. In our last blog post we pointed out some of the current Facebook trends and the importance of optimizing. Now we will focus on more trends for mobile devices, upselling and cross-selling for travel and e-commerce and automation.

Mobile Will Reign

The number of people signing up on Facebook via mobile devices only is growing steadily. In fact, Google is now penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly. In the meantime, Facebook has now ensured that all their new ad formats have been optimized primarily for mobile users. Instagram Ads are a perfect example; they work only on lead and mobile ads and were initially released to work on mobile only. If a user finds your ad on Instagram and clicks through to your website only to find that it works poorly or looks bad on mobile, you can be sure that the conversion rate will not be good. In 2016, it is expected that worldwide ad spending for mobile platforms will be greater than for desktop ads for the very first time.

Facebook Ads

Upselling & Cross-Selling For Travel and E-Commerce

If you are looking to increase the lifetime value of your customers, you will need to cross-sell. Once one makes a purchase of an item that is from a particular product set, then you can quickly cross-sell to them products that are related. If they buy a handbag, they may not be interested in another bag, but may be interested in buying shoes from your business or one that is related. What you need to do is suggest that they purchase the shoes.

You are also able to upsell an item that is in the same category as the one you have just sold or one that has been viewed so as to increase your profits. If someone views a 3 star hotel room, you can show them 4 star hotel rooms located in the city they are interested in since these promise higher profits.  You use upselling to encourage the potential client to move from the item they are looking at to one from a higher category since it promises higher profit margins, conversion rate or price point.

If you use Facebook dynamic product ads to upsell or cross sell, then Facebook will use intelligence to both select and show relevant items in your ads automatically. They will use various techniques including co-browsing behavior and co-purchasing to decide on the products that they will show.

Why Travelers Nowadays Use Mobile Apps to Book Their Trips?

Greater Understanding and Automation

In advertising and financial services, automatic optimization is huge. Those who have opted to adopt early have already automated personal finance management using robo-advisors. The logic used in investing and on Facebook are actually quite similar, it is just that with online ads, automation has become mainstream.

In order to use minimal manual optimization, you need to use one of the Facebook marketing partners.  They use proprietary algorithms that have been built on to Facebook in order to automate. Their purpose is to act as a support for your advertising department. It is a stable tool that contains optimization features and also accesses Facebook’s latest features in their marketing application.

You may also want to consider tools by Facebook, such as Ads Manager, which is targeted at beginners or if you are more advanced at Facebook Advertising, you may want to consider Power Editor. If you feel that you cannot learn these things or if you don’t have what it takes to educate the team you have, then you may also consider outsourcing your social media marketing to a digital marketing agency for better results.

We have discussed the trends of Facebook in 2016 and based on that, you could come up with a better and more efficient Facebook marketing strategy. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact us here, or just write down your comments below.

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