Capitalizing on New Facebook Trends for Your Business

June 27, 2016  |   Marketing, Social Media, Trends, Video

What comes to mind when you think social media? Of course, Facebook is top on the list. Consider there are 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users (MAUs) with 1.09 billion logging in daily. On average, Facebook likes and shares are viewed on 10 million websites daily. Without doubt, this is the quintessential social media platform. Better still, the platform is getting optimized through updates which are changing the way you communicate on the platform.


facebook advertising agencyWhat updates can you optimize to get the most out of your Facebook experience? Here are some ideas:

1. Facebook at Work

How would you love to communicate with your staff on a Facebook platform dedicated for your business? This enterprise option is every manager’s dream because it allows for collaboration on a platform everyone is familiar with. In the near future, Facebook at Work promises to be the tool to use in internal communication.

2. Live Video

Long overdue is what everyone says about Facebook live video and for many good reasons. Live streaming is the talk of town and with Twitter’s Periscope versus Meerkat battle running out of steam, it was just a matter of time before Facebook upped the ante. This live-streaming app is easy to update on any device and with video engagement becoming higher on Facebook, it is an invaluable tool for any marketer.

3. Improved Search

Truth be told, no one was ever comfortable with Bing search and it was just a matter of time before Zuckerberg pulled the plug off the arrangement. Surprise, surprise! Facebook wasn’t going to MSN, Yahoo or Google but it optimized its own search capabilities. The improved search is powered by better intelligence to help users find what they want which makes this search a great driver of internet activity.

4. Shopping Tab

It was the most anticipated update on Facebook and for a good reason.  Online marketers appreciate the value of social media in their SEO campaigns. E-commerce marketers can now sell products more easily. Social shopping is bound to grow as information is easier to share and when it rolls full scale, this is bound to be a game changer.

5. Events

It has been around for some time but Facebook Events has never really taken off. Faced with competition from Google Events, the new update provides a user-friendly environment where you can accept or decline invitations, browse through invitations, bookmark, create schedules, view and add photos, a calendar option and so much more.


Local Business MarketingFacebook is promising more changes to optimize your business.  Look out for the non-profit crowd funding option, instant articles, Uber/Lyft integration with Messenger, Facebook Professional among other updates.  Whatever you do, don’t ignore the power of Facebook to revolutionize your business.

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