Fatal website mistakes to avoid like the plague

October 25, 2017  |   Webmaster, Website Development

There are some scenarios in life when mistakes are best avoided, even when operating a website.

Of course everyone is bound to make mistakes when designing a functioning website, but if you invest some time into research, you can avoid these mistakes altogether. You could be running a magnificent marketing campaign targeting the right set of audience yet still not have the conversions you wanted.

Island Media Management is a digital marketing agency in Bali that offers smart and simple marketing strategies well supported by a website that integrates design and engaging qualities. In hopes of saving you a headache when building your dream website, we have compiled for you a list of mistakes to avoid:

  1. Hold the stock photos
    stock photos
    If there is one component of a website that really catches a potential customer’s eyes, it is your brand’s imagery. Cheesy generic stock photos don’t convince visitors to consider your services, but may want to convince them to douse your website in petrol and set it on fire. To invest in a local photographer to capture your business is absolutely worth it. It’s original and content you can’t find anywhere else on the internet, and that’s saying a lot.If you’re opting for that solution, make sure the images are on brand, represents your brand’s personality, and reflects the essence of your brand. Here are a few places you can get non-cringe worthy photos if you’re on a tight budget:

  2. The appearance of a dog’s breakfast
    When it comes to human interaction, we all know it’s what counts on the inside that matters more than the outside, but when interacting with a website, the innards matter just as much as what’s on the outside. This comes from ensuring that your website captures your brand’s identity with a form of consistency in your colors, vibe, and fonts.
  3. Underestimating the significance of mobile traffic
    web responsive design - island media management
    You may have noticed that everyone is glued to their phones, if you haven’t, then you’re probably one of them.It is crucial to now have a mobile responsive website design that allows people to view your services on the go. Meaning that your website needs to adapt into any environment (screen resolution, screen size, page speed, etc). If your website cannot be navigated on a smartphone as easy as it is on desktop, you could be potentially losing a large amount of traffic and conversions.
  4. Content just as hard (or harder) as reading a roadmap
    website mistakes to avoid - content
    Content is what nowadays is cranking website rankings up and a great asset to SEO. Creating unique, engaging, useful, and entertaining copy can be hard. But next to having impressive on brand pictures is getting your copy right.At Island Media Management, content is created to get the SEO cranking through the right keywords while helping your brand establish a tone in your voice and personality to make business come to life. Just as design turns heads, content turns minds, if you choose the right words to connect with your audience, they will respond with their clicks, hearts, and wallets.

As one of Bali’s fastest growing digital marketing agencies, Island Media Management focuses on providing clients with high-quality and carefully executed web design to help your business perform to its highest potential. For more information about our digital marketing expertise, visit our website!

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