First 7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Instagram

May 2, 2016

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Instagram has taken off as one of the major social media platforms. It has jostled for room among the greats, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and is doing rather well. If you are not making as much progress on this platform as you would like, here are first 7 ways that you can improve your Instagram with ease:

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First 7 Tips

1. Natural Light: When taking pictures, take advantage of natural light as this will automatically improve your picture quality. If the space you are in is dim, you can get as much of the natural light in the room by simply facing a window.

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2. Blue Tones: To get as much as 24 percents more likes than you usually do, add blue tones to your photos. Studies have found that photos with orange and red tints get the least likes. However, if you have more blue you will get more likes. Go with ocean and sky photos as much as possible.

3. Take A Distance: If you enjoy taking pictures of the food you are eating at the restaurant, don’t make it a close up of your plate. Instead, hold your phone 3 feet above the plate and then click away.

4. Food Photography: When it comes to taking pictures of your meals, it is best to go with breakfast or your lunch since that way you can take advantage of the natural light. Food that has been artificially lit is usually an instafail! Food photographers know this and would rather rely on the natural light by taking pictures at midday or in the morning hours.

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5. Bio Format: A bio without line breaks looks rather messy, so if you are unable to make the line breaks directly on Instagram it is better for you to first write it out in text or notepad and then copy and paste your bio complete with the line breaks.

6. Dark Room: Pizza lovers if you want to take a picture of your pizza and the restaurant is dark, kindly ask someone else to light it up for you with their iPhone flashlight. If you want a really nice picture, ask the person to hold that light at an angle of 45° over your pizza and then use a white menu to bounce back the light so that the food is bright on both sides.

7. Posting Schedule: Posting at the right time is critical. Use Iconosquare, an app that lets you know when your followers tend to be engaged so that you can post at the best time during the day. It’s a free app and will give you the insights that will help you maximize on likes and followers.

Stay Tuned For More Cool Easy Ways

These 7 easy ways are only part of several tips. We still have another 8 cool easy tips to create a real buzz of your Instagram account. So stay tuned for the next blog post this week’s Friday.

Don’t forget to apply these tips and let us know how your experiment went with it by commenting below. Happy Instagramming!

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