How to fix your Instagram Problems for Business

August 15, 2016

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If you have been doing your best to ensure that you reach as many clients as possible, no doubt you have considered getting on Instagram. As you begin posting though, you realize that doing it on a daily basis can be very time consuming. Here are three problems that you may come across that can be fixed with several tools and help you save time as well.

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Lack of time If you have an optimum sharing schedule but don’t have the time to log on and post during those times, there are some things you can do to resolve that. There are apps that allow you to log on, schedule your posts and then have them upload later on.

  • Later is one such app. You simply pick the picture you want, add your hashtags and captions, select the time to post and the date, and you are all set. Later is free of charge.

Later - Social Media/Instagram Tool

  • Schedugram is another option. This one comes with a variety of handyfeatures that you will love if you are looking to save time. This app comes with a price tag of $20 for companies with under 10,000 followers. It works very much like Latergramme and posts for you even without having to be on the grid. Other options include OnlyPult at a cost of $12 monthly and Postso at a cost of $14.95 monthly.

What to do with more than one account If you have a company account and a personal account, it is not possible to easily move from one account to the next. You would have to log out of the one and log into the other. With a 3rd party app though, you can manage both accounts. Apps that can help include Schedugram, which is a paid option, Fotogramme a free option and Primary, which has a one-time cost of $1.99.

Responding to comments This is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have tens or hundreds of them to respond to. That is where InstaCommentor comes in. This is an app that organizes the comments coming in so that it is easy for you to know which ones have not been replied to. The cost for this app is $1.99 and in order to switch between your accounts, you will need to log in and out each time.

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Your other option is Iconosquare, which is a free option. You get to see the latest posts you have put up in a list and you are notified as to which comments you have not responded to.

Managing social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more are something that our marketing experts do on daily basis. If you are interested in having more engagement with your clients and meeting prospective clients, let us do the creative thinking. Give us a call or visit our website.

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