How to Fix Red Eye and Acne with Photoshop

October 23, 2015


Do you want to fix red eye and acne with Photoshop? If you are a Photoshop beginner, this simple tips will make you be able to change your picture become pretty.  Have a look at the difference between before and after Photoshop editing



Before & After Photoshop Editing

                                  Before                                                                  After

The First Step: Upload Your Picture

The first step is uploading your Picture in the Photoshop. It is shown in the picture below. You upload it by clicking open then upload your picture.

Before & After Phtoshop Editing

The Second Step: Make A Copy Layer

Make a copy layer is always recommended before you edit your photo in the Photoshop. The idea is that you can not edit your back ground image. Therefore you must make a copy of it or you can make a new layer. It is recommended that you make another copy layer when you want to use another tool so that if you mess up with your image, you can just delete it by dragging it into the garbage can picture in the bottom right corner in the palettes bar. You can make a copy of layer by clicking the background image while holding your mouse and drawing it into new layer image on the bottom right corner of the palettes bar. Have a look at  the picture below.

Make a Copy of Layer By Photoshop

The Third Step: Edit The Red Eye

You can fix the red eye easily by using the red eye tool in the selection box in the left side of photoshop workspace. First click the red eye tool then back to the photoshop workspace and click the red eye of your picture. The Picture is presented below.

Edit The Red Eye


The Fourth Step: Reduce Noise

Now the red eye of your picture is already gone. The next step is to make the acne marks disappear. You can go directly using healing spot tool and patch tool however since there is so much spots here,we need to reduce the noise.  Remember before we go to the next step, you need to make a copy layer.  After that, you make a selection the area you want to reduce the noise. The area can be selected  using magnetic tools in the tool box.

Make Selection in Photoshop

After you make a selection, it is recommended that you save your path. The idea is that when you need this selection you can just back to the path and use it again. To do it click the path. then you click make work path from selection. After that you click  load path as selection.

Save Path

Reduce Noise. To reduce noise you click the filter then click noise Then click reduce noise.

Reduce Noise

You adjust the strength, preserve details, and sharpen details to what is the best and suitable. After that you click OK.

After Reduce Noise

The Fifth Step: Clean The Spot Using The Spot Healing Brush Tool & Patch Spot

Before you start beautifying your picture using spot healing brush tool and patch tool, we recommend you to make a copy layer. You can do it using the same step as we explain in the step above.  To beautify your picture. You click the spot healing brush tool. Then you click the spots you want to remove. After you reduce many spots, there are going to be some skin that are not smooth to othere skin, you can fix it using the patch tool.

Clean The Spot With Healing Spot and Patch Tool

Photoshop Is Easy

Photoshop is easy and simple. All you need to do is keep learning and getting the best tips then practice it. If you have any idea to share or if you have any question, please let us know.

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