Your website design serves as your online profile, a platform where you can showcase to the world what you have to share and offer. The first impression of any website is its user interface and design elements. The design of a website can subconsciously impact the way your audience views your company or brand.

A properly designed website can instill a sense of confidence and credibility to your audience. In this article we will outline some common mistakes in design elements that makes for a bad website design.

Four things avoid with Website Design

Random color palettes

Choosing the right color combination to display on your site is important, and is often an element that is overlooked when designing a website. Certain colors induce a specific feeling or emotion that you may want to induce to your readers.

Colors also have complimentary and secondary values that you may want to utilize in your website design. A proper color palette can provide an overall sense of harmony and flow to your site.

Lack of structure

Your site should have definition and flow between its content and its design elements. If you think a paragraph or sentence, or any content element is important you may want to emphasize is with a visual cue or a different font.

If all the content on your site uses the same tone, with the same design elements you won’t be able to capture the attention of your readers.

Four things to avoid with Website Design

Unresponsive design

Website design that is not responsive, not intuitive or confusing to your audience to navigate through is unacceptable and should be one of the first things to look out for when designing a site. Examples would be poor navigation and menu layouts, or links that are outdated or broken.

Ideally you want the links to be optimized for SEO as well, by having them redirect to your other content pages. Each page should also have a link that guides them back to the core or homepage.

Inconsistent style

Inconsistency in design makes your site very difficult to digest and navigate through. Not to mention visually difficult to look at. This also makes your site look less professional and put together. And depending on the content of your site, makes it look less credible as well.

Four things to avoid with Website Design

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