Tips to Get the Best Out of Your SEO Efforts

July 15, 2016  |   Marketing, SEO

The SEO landscape has shifted tremendously over the past few years. While strategies for SEO were previously centered on the use of keywords, search engines have now become ‘smarter’. Factors influencing success in SEO have now changed with mobile-friendliness taking the top spot.

The following are expert tips to help you maximize your SEO efforts.

1. Satisfying user intent

Is your website providing users with the information they need? Search results are no longer just about keywords but also about the intention of the user. Search engines are now taking note of the user behavior on your website. Are users able to get what they need on your website or do they have to return to the search engine and search once again? Ensure that your website meets the needs of your target audience.

optimizing your SEO strategy in the travel sector

2. Meaning not keywords

In the past, incorporating keywords in the titles and headlines of your content was enough to improve your ranking. However, Google has improved its ability to interpret the actual meaning or intention of the user.

As search engines continue to grow ‘smarter’, it is advisable to begin incorporating long-tail keywords to your content. This is because over 75% of search queries about five words long. Users enter an average of five words to ensure that they get results for what they are searching for. This is something to keep in mind when preparing content.

3. High-quality content

Google makes over 500 algorithm changes every year. All of these changes are focused on improving user experience. It therefore goes without saying that you too should focus on improving user experience.

One of the best ways of doing this is by providing users with high-quality content. This may take the form of videos, images or text that engages users. Your content has to be original. It should also be relevant to your target audience.

4. Longer content

Google is continuously making changes to its algorithms to ensure that they send users to pages that actually provide them with the information they’re looking for. As a result, long articles are doing much better in search results pages.

Ensure that your content is relevant and is between 1000 to 1500 words. You can break it up with subheadings to make it easier for users to scan through and determine if it is relevant to them or not.

5. Design for mobile

mobile friendly seo

Mobile is taking the SEO world by storm as more people use their mobile devices to access the web. It is therefore no surprise that Google is partial to websites that are optimized for mobile. In addition to ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly, ensure that your app is optimized. Ensure that Google can understand its content.

SEO is the way to go for every business. Don’t let these SEO efforts go to waste with the wrong strategy. Keep yourself updated or even contact us for the latest SEO strategy for your website.

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