Google Algorithm Updates: How were real websites affected?

October 25, 2019

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This year was a very busy and exciting one for SEO experts. Three Google Broad Core Algorithm Updates in March, June and September were rolled out alongside some smaller ranking updates. In one of our previous blog posts, we created a summary about all of the Google updates in 2019 so far. Keeping track of these changes and about the ranking factors implemented in the Google Algorithm is crucial for every business owner to ensure that websites are line with Google best practise.

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In this article, we want to look beyond the theory and see how rankings and organic traffic of different websites were affected by these updates. We looked at five different industries and compared the data. Those comparisons not only revealed how individual websites were affected, but also at how different industries were affected.


In the following, you’ll find our findings.


Healthcare businesses

Healthcare branches were mostly affected by the September Update since this one specifically targeted YMYL websites. However, we couldn’t see a significant decline in this month in keyword rankings or in organic traffic.

Healthcare Keywords

Healthcare Keywords
Healthcare Organic Traffic


Outdoor Activities

Except for a few niche keywords which saw an unusual up and down, the rankings for these businesses stayed rather calm. Nevertheless, worth mentioning is the fact that in June we could state a significant decline for industry specific keywords.

Outdoor Activities Keywords

Outdoor activities keywords


Scuba Diving Industry

While most keywords experienced normal keyword fluctuation throughout the year, some keywords about certain offerings and diving services fluctuated unusually and therefore seem to have been heavily influenced by the Google Updates.

Scuba Diving Keywords


Hotel Businesses

The hotel businesses seem to have been affected by the March update most drastically; though this didn’t seem to have any measurable effect on organic traffic.

Hotel Keywords


Service Industry

Within our comparisons, the service industry seemed to be the one most affected by the Google Algorithm Updates. Every month showed significant changes in organic rankings. Although the organic traffic seemed to stay mostly even, with a slight drop towards the end of the year.

Service Keywords

When looking at these five Industries it is difficult to discern a clear pattern.

In general, we noted normal keyword fluctuations with the occasional significant shift. As with all Google Updates, these are usually rolled out to align the algorithm with Google’s best practise. If you are implementing the right SEO strategy in line with what Google has recommended, it seems that you would not have been impacted, or only marginally impacted by the 2019 core updates.


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