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May 26, 2017


Most people want to achieve better search engine rankings and have their business pages and websites appear on the first page of Google. For many, this may seem like a feat but it can easily be achieved if you know how. One of the best ways to get to the top is by maximizing the use of Google My Business for your local business.

What is Google My Business and why is it important? Google My Business is a free and easy tool that lets you manage your business on Google. With this simple tool, you can get your business hours, phone numbers, and directions on Google Search and Maps. This means, when people search for you on Google, all your pertinent information will pop up, allowing customers to know and learn about you immediately.

Google My Business to Optimize Local SEO

Google My Business is not only about giving information; you can reply to reviews, post pictures, and edit and manage information instantly.

Unfortunately, many people imagine that setting up a business page on Google+ is sufficient to get them to the top. Not so! Following the following guidelines will help you do better and enjoy the benefits of local SEO on Google+ and help you to stay on top of local rankings.Search Engine Ranking

  • Optimization
    You will need to optimize your page; here are some great ideas to begin with.  Start by asking your clients to write you some positive reviews. With good reviews, your page will carry authority and increase your page rankings.Claim a customized URL for your brand, which will allow you greater visibility especially with Google’s SERPs. Try connecting your business’ YouTube channel to your page. This provides additional engagement for those. Should someone go directly to your YouTube page, there will also be a link directing them to your Business Page thereby driving traffic to and fro.If you have duplicate Business Pages, remove them or direct your visitors to the page that you are currently using.
  • Begin by setting up your account
    In order to set up a local business page, you need to start by visiting Google My Business. Here you can create a listing for your business on Google Maps. A verification prompt will be sent to your phone; verify it and your business page is ready! Now the real work begins as you will need to optimize your page.On your local business page, you can display reviews, interact with clients, post updates, and add pictures and more. If you have both a local business page and a brand page, you can combine the two to create one stronger page. Using the tags, set your business category, add your business name, phone number, and physical address, provide business information that is concise and clear and finally add your opening hours.
  • Promote Your Google+ Business Page
    Once you have done all of the above, it’s time to promote your page so that you grow your followers. Be sure to post frequent updates to keep them engaged and remember to freshen up your profile from time to time. It is a good idea to have influential pages and people among your circles. Ensure that your website has the Google+ Badge so people can find your Business page with ease.

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