Google June 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update

June 4, 2019

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Tarryn West Digital MarketingSEO

On Sunday, Google officially announced a broad core algorithm update. The update was rolled out on Monday, June 3rd, 2019 and is called the “June 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update”. Below is the official notification from Googles official Twitter account; Google Search Liaison.


The official Google Search Liaison Twitter account then linked to a previous Tweet from the 12th of October, 2018.


In this tweet, Google aimed to reassure users that when Algorithm Updates are released, there is generally nothing to “fix”. These updates are aimed at improving relevance for users and reducing spam. If you are already following the advice regularly released by Google, we would not expect to see significant drops in rankings.

As of today, June 4th 2019 the update is live and rolling out:


As with all Google Updates, the specific adjustments to the Google Algorithms have not been released. Please expect to see some spikes and dips in your search engine rankings as this update is rolled out. The previous core update was released in March 2019. It is unusual for Google to announce an update before its release, which would lead us to believe that the update is a big one.

However, the information from Danny Sullivan at Google is that this is “nothing big”


Googles core advice remains unchanged; with a strong focus on the user:

  1. Create excellent content.
    Create content that users want to consume. Make sure that your content is relevant and interesting so that your users will want to read, like and share it.
  2. Ensure quality links to your website.
    Make sure that you are linking to quality, relative websites and that you are receiving good links in return. The key here is quality, Google wants to ensure that when users follow a link, that this is a useful and quality engagement.
  3. Make sure your website is responsive and mobile friendly.
    Over the last few years, Google has shifted significant weight behind mobile-friendly websites. Ensure that your website can be accessed and easily browsed from a multitude of devices.
  4. Give your users what they want, easily!
    Google wants to ensure that they prioritize rankings on websites that offer users a quality and seamless user experience.

In 2019, factors that are user-related are having a higher impact on search rankings than ever before.

Make sure that your SEO strategy is user-centric!

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We will continue to monitor and evaluate what affects the Google June 2019 broad core algorithm update may have on your Google rankings.

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