Reasons You Should Use Google My Business

January 17, 2020

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Google My Business helps in managing your business’s information across Google and expanding your online presence which both help to reach potential customers.

You might think that when your business is already equipped with a contact page, listed address and phone number, adding a Google My Business listing is redundant. If you’re business already has a strong search engine presence, why go to more trouble by managing several listings when people can already find you anyway?

You’ll be surprised by the reasons.

One report states that businesses who verify their information via Google My Business will have twice as many customers recognising them as “reputable”. It drives people to contact the business number and reduces uncertainty that revolves around your business. A Google My Business listing can help you earn a complete professional look with phone number, hours of operation and address.

Here are some categories for your business that can be enhanced by a GMB listing:

Phone number

Say you’ve prepared a professional and better way of managing your incoming calls. One thing left to do is to show the number to the world for your potential customers to dial to. A Google My Business account allows you to keep an accurate record of your current phone numbers.

Contact information

Besides your phone number displayed by Google, it’s possible to link your office address and other contact information, encouraging people to reach out to you and discover more about what you have to offer.

Customer Interaction

Managing a business listing can help you engage with more customers. Besides reading your customer reviews, you can also respond to them. Customers tend to check your reviews when they are curious about your business, and this can help to build trust.

Start with these points and you’ll receive instant improvements from your Google listing, drive more customers to trust your business and create more engagement from the same amount of web traffic. Beside the categories above, a GMB listing can earn you other benefits as stated below.

Build Relationships with Google

Since Google controls almost 80% of all desktop search traffic, you’ll really want to add all details and make sure all information is accurate in your Google listing. So when people are looking for businesses like yours, you need to make sure they find you!

Enhance Your Business with Local SEO

Do you have a business that ships all over the country? Then you should know the importance of having a Local SEO.

High conversions are currently happening in the search traffic of local businesses. With 88% of the customers searching for local businesses on mobile devices, they will likely call your phone number within a day or two. Find out more about optimising your Google My Business listing for Local SEO.

Have you optimized your Google My Business?

Google My Business listings can help you manage your contact information, interact with your customers and get them to find and contact you. Want to learn more about GMB? Get in touch with us at Island Media Management and we’ll help you elevate your business’s online presence.

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