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June 16, 2017  |   SEO

Google Plus isn’t a strong contender in the social media realm. It is therefore not surprising that many businesses ignore this platform when planning for and creating their marketing strategies. However, your strategy will have to change too to start incorporating Google Plus or risk missing out.

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Today, just about everyone who uses the internet uses Google to search for information. The search engine giant has recently incorporated business pages alongside search results, which shows a company’s business hours, phone numbers, and directions on Google Search and Maps. This means, when people search for you on Google, all your business’s pertinent information will pop up, allowing customers to know and learn about you immediately. In order to raise your rankings, it’s time to polish up your profile to ensure that you show up where it counts and make an impact on new customers. You need to ensure that you do better and enjoy the benefits of local SEO on Google Plus, which will help you to stay on top of local rankings. The following are a few strategies for your Google Plus page that will help you boost your local SEO and increase your visibility on organic searches.

Boost your local SEO with Google Plus

  • Update your page regularly

Google loves fresh content. Accounts that post fresh content frequently are given higher ranking in searches than those that don’t. A good strategy would be to post fresh content at least every 72 hours. You should also stay active and engage your audiences in conversations on Google Plus and work towards getting as many +1s as possible. Google will be sure to reward your efforts.

  • Register for a local phone number

Listing a local telephone number creates more impact than you think – many customers feel more inclined to start a business relationship when there is a telephone number displayed. It has been reported that many businesses enjoy higher rankings, increased walk-in traffic and more telephone calls after a local phone number has been registered on their Google Plus page. You can even say that this is the first crucial step to establishing the all-important connection with your local audience. Don’t forget to list your address too, as this along with a telephone number would increase your rankings in Google searches as businesses are suggested based on the user’s information.

  • Enable reviews

Do allow your customers the option to give your business their reviews on Google Plus. Reviews provide more value to a user’s search, so Google would be more inclined to rank you higher as opposed to businesses with zero reviews. In addition, reviews will also help to influence a potential customer’s decision to transact with you. If you decide to disable the review option, this will greatly hinder the chances of your profile appearing in the right-hand column of a Google Search.

  • Indicate your opening hours

In general, the more information you provide on your Google Plus page, the better your ranking. Do include your hours of operation on your page and ensure that they are accurate. Google may not rank you when your opening hours show that you are closed.

  • Use relevant keywords in taglines

Keywords play significant roles when generating organic traffic from search engines. Use relevant keywords when creating your taglines. Remember to include local terms in order to rank higher for local searches. The first 160 characters of your description are also considered keywords and Google combine this with taglines.

  • Use collections for products and services

Use the collections feature to group your content and break down your services or products. This makes it easier for users to find relevant content on your Google Plus page. Collections is a great marketing tool that you can use to share tips, statistics, promotions, case studies, updates and any other relevant information.

Since Google Plus is not a strong player amongst the social media platforms, there are not many people or agencies with extensive experience to help you successfully manage your Google Plus profile. At Island Media Management, we can help you achieve outstanding results whether for Google Plus or on any other Internet Marketing platforms and strategies. We follow internationally recognized and accepted online and digital marketing guidelines that will make sure you achieve your digital marketing efforts and desired goals. Do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email here to get the conversation going.

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