There have been a number of correlation studies done over the past few years to determine if Google+ does have some influence over search engine results. A recent report from Moz suggested that after Page Authority, a URL’s number of +1’s is more highly influential that any other factor. They went on to say that it even beat well know metrics such as linking root domains, Facebook shares and even keyword usage.

Moz is a very reliable source although there is some debate as to whether it is the number of +1’s that you have, or the fact you are posting on Google+ that makes the difference. Regardless, it’s a good bet that Google+ does affect rankings, plus there have been other studies undertaken that come to the same conclusion.

Why does it matter?

A while ago, Google stated that they didn’t use Facebook activity as a metric to determine search rankings. It is becoming clearer these days though that Google+ is very SEO friendly and that posts on Google+ rank very well.

There is no doubt from these studies that the Google+ platform is a far superior platform from an SEO stand point. Let’s take a look at those factors.

> Posts on Google+ are crawled and indexed almost immediately. Webmasters have been noticing that content shared on Google+ is indexed very quickly compared to content that goes on Facebook which can take a long time, or even never be indexed due to the security settings of an individual.

> Google+ posts pass link equity. Pages and posts on Google+ will pass link equity because links to posts are followed.

> Google+ is optimized for semantic relevance. A post on Google+ has most of the characteristics of a full blown blog, such as its own URL, title tags, internal links, etc. These factors help send strong signals to Google about the post, helping with ranking.

So how can we take advantage of Google Plus?

It’s a good idea to start building networks on Google+ which involves posting and sharing posts, commenting and generally getting involved.

Great content if always of use so if you have great content then share it on Google+, and you will begin to attract naturel links.

Google Authorship is a great way to build authority and ownership of your content.

Use your Google+ “about” page to link out to your online profile.

Get some easy to share social media icons on your content to help people share it.

Make sure the posts that you share are public as these are the ones that pass link equity, and will improve your rankings.


The best thing about Google+ is that it is simple to use and if you do get stuck you have mountains of information and resources from Google.

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