Google’s Top Search Ranking Factors

February 17, 2017

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Search Engine Rankings is the main determinant of how many potential customers are likely to see your website. The factors that are considered in ranking have been considered mystical by some. However, there are 3 factors that affect ranking a lot more than any others. Each one of them plays a big role in ensuring that as many people as possible get to search and see your page. They are of equal importance and one should not be considered more important than the other. Here are google’s top search ranking factors:

Search Engine Ranking

Google’s Top Search Ranking Factors

  • Links – It is important to ensure that you have great content of high quality that has been built around the keywords that you have chosen. However, this is not enough. You will need to build links that point back to your content from trusted sources known to Google. The more backlinks you get from these trusted sources, the higher your website or blog will rank for the keywords you have selected for that page. When considering backlinks, it is important to take the following into consideration:
    • The anchor text or link text – it is assumed that these words are descriptive of the content on that page and are therefore considered by Google.
    • Page popularity – If the link is coming from a page that has global popularity or one that is reputable, it will have more weight than one that is low in popularity.
    • Variety – If you have many links from many different sources that have more credit with Google, than many links from one source.
  • RankBrain – This is the intelligence behind the ranking. Based on the information that user types in, it is able to bring up the relevant pages without the user having to use particular or exact terms in their search. It recognizes words in their singular and plural forms, synonyms and associated words or phrases. The advantage is that your website can therefore appear in a search where you have not used that particular keyword or keyword phrase provided that the keywords used are related directly to the ones you have used.
  • Content – Quality content is what it comes down to. Nobody will be linking back to a website that does not have content that is accurate and reliable. RankBrain has also been designed in such a way as to reward content that is well put together and information oriented. This means that if the content you are providing is not top quality, and if you don’t have regular fresh content, your rank could be dropping by the minute.

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