Graphic Design Visual Principles for Your Website

April 22, 2019

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The design visual or logo of a business will form the first impression to its audience. It needs to be well thought out and serve a purpose, especially if you’re still growing your business.

The logo or visual design of any business has the role of carrying their vision, their values and purpose. Therefore it needs to be crafted with strategy.

Think of the FedEx logo, and how impressive it is that they managed to incorporate a hidden arrow within the design.

This is one of those design that carry a purpose.

Between the colors, typography, images, symbols and other aspects that goes into graphics design, it’s important to keep in mind of the principles to prevent running into problems in the future.

Below are some things to keep in mind when designing graphics.


Typography Kerning

Overly complicated design

A design should be able to speak on its own. Overcrowding the design will make it difficult for the viewer to take in the design and formulate an impression on it.

There’s a reason why certain artworks have white borders around the canvas, the negative space helps the viewed draw their attention into the actual art piece itself.


Typography Kerning

Kerning the typography

Kerning is making sure the spaces between the letters, the proportions and wording is pleasing to look at for the viewer.

Consider having a second or third set of eyes to evaluate your design, to get a different perspective.

This is especially important if your design is heavy on typography.

Visual Design Comfort Zone

Staying in your comfort zone

As with any creative process, sometimes it takes a bit of imagination to get a design that aligns with what your brand stands for.

Experiment with different things that you haven’t tried before.

Remember that certain colors and shapes can alter the emotion of your viewers.

Take inspiration from other art, websites or designs to see if they can be incorporated in your concept.

The way your website or logo is designed is critical to creating a tasteful first impression for your audience.

Most consumers will often take their purchasing decision directly or indirectly from how they think about your design elements.


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