Graphic Design for your Website? Here is why! – Part I

April 18, 2016  |   Design, Website Development

Every business, whether large or small, is working hard to create a brand that people can identify with.  This is something that takes a lot of thought, hard work and money. The brand is the reason why businesses exist. It is for this reason that they hire executives to constantly improve it. These executives spend many sleepless nights trying to figure out how they can make the brand better. If you can go all out, sparing no expense to create your brand, create a service or product, and invest in great customer service, why would you shy away from creating a quality website?


The Power of  Good Graphic Design

Great design can actually make the difference between you closing shop after a few months or flourishing as a business.  Here are the first 10 reasons to give quality design a go where your website is concerned.

1. Your Market standings will rise

As your sales rise due to the great design, you will find that your market standings will improve as well. As you sell more of the products you have on display, you will begin to do better than the competition. They will become less popular as you become more and more popular in your niche, and your finances will reflect that.


2. Attention Grabbing

Anything that is well designed, whether it is a computer or a shoe, will grab the attention of those who see it. Not just because of its look but also because of the various features that it has. If the design is not appealing, chances of you looking at it any closer are next to nothing. It is important for you to ensure that the products you are selling grab attention so that potential customers can take a closer look and even make a purchase. If the site you have is not attention grabbing, you will probably not make that many sales. Ensure that the graphics are captivating to draw them in.


3. Set the pace for the rest of the world

Most people speak about quality, but very few put their money where their mouths are. If you create a better product, you will have moved from being average to above average. This should carry through all that you do for your business. The graphic design on your website should be well above average; in fact it should be superior to the competition. Once you do this, you will have set the pace for other people on the planet who will see what you do and will be challenged by your thoughts, designs and ideas.


4. Builds Your Company’s Image

A great example of this is British Petroleum who changed the colors of their logo to yellow and green. The logo design did not change, but the message was effectively passed on. That message was that they cared about environmental issues.  Whether they actually acted on that and did something about the environment is a different matter. However, anyone who saw the logo had a shifted perception of that company.


Adobe Creative Suite Logo

First Steps to Success

There are the first reasons why your website need to have a very good design. To get more visibility, to touch more followers all around the world. Your website is probably the first image that people are going to see about your brand, that’s why it need to catch their attention.

The other reasons are continued on part II of this article about good graphic design.

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