Graphic Design for your Website? Here is why! – Part II

April 22, 2016

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In this article we keep looking at reasons to have good graphic design on your website, after we explained about the market, the attention and the brand image all over the world. Here are the last things to know about good graphic design.

Last Elements

5. Employee loyalty Improves

When you are designing a website or a brand, it is not just to get the customers excited about your companies and to increase sales. You also want to ensure that your staff is taken care of.  This means that you need to ensure that the office interior, the environment in the workplace and more are designed with them in mind. After all, they wake up every day, sit down behind those desks and workstations daily and that can get pretty old. Use the environment and great graphic design to get them motivated and to ensure that they remain happy. Your business will become more successful faster this way.

6. Reduces Marketing Time

Most businesses struggle with remaining fresh in the minds of potential customers. This makes them think of launching a new product in the market, which is very costly. By creating a new design or changing your brand image, you can achieve this and put off the product launch which is in essence enforced. Even by simply changing the brand packaging and leaving the product as is will grab the attention of customers. By doing this, you will grab and keep their interest. This is the same with website design.

Website wireframe

7. Increase in sales

It has been found that if two exact products branded differently are put side by side, people will always pick the product that they remember. In order to make sure that people remember your product, you need to ensure that it has been branded differently. The design is what will help them to remember your product. This means that you have to ensure that your website design is memorable. To do this, you will need to be innovative and create something that resonates with your customers.

8. Generates Goodwill

A trusted brand is the only one that will survive the current tough economic times. As companies battle it out on the internet, each trying to get picked by potential customers, you can bet that they will pick the trusted brand over the others. Any design you put out there, whether it be an advert, product or website will only connect with the customer if they can trust it. People are trying to see if you have them in mind.  A meaningful design says you do.

9. Generates Recall

Most people make the mistake of thinking that it is their great product, such as hair shampoo, that makes people purchase it. The truth is that what the product is like will only matter once they have purchased the shampoo and then washed their hair with it. If you want them to select your product, you have to ensure that your packaging design is fantastic. The package –website in this case – should make them want to pick the product. They should begin having an experience with your product from when they see the packaging until after they use the product. This is what will make your website memorable to them.

Graphic Design Success

10. A Tactical Investment

This is a tactic to ensure that you stand out from the rest. People today have become more visual and there is plenty of visual content to distract them on the internet. Great web design will make room for you so that you stand out and your presence is felt.

A Concept You Need to Integrate

Since starting a business is not a short term commitment, it is important to ensure that your web design takes the future into consideration. People need to fall in love with your design as soon as they see it. It represents an important way to increase sales, you can’t neglect it.

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