In a world that evolves as quickly as design, it’s hard to keep up with the trends when it’s not your full-time job. We provide you with some quick tips on improving your website’s design for this new decade. What trends are worth exploring in 2020?

First of all, we can’t emphasize enough how important a mobile-first design is in this day and age. With Google prioritizing mobile-first designs, your website will have a big disadvantage if it’s not compatible.

So which trends should you look at to stay ‘in’?

The ever-present Minimalism

The reason why Minimalism is still, and will probably stay, a very effective design trend is that the use of mobile phones to surf the web keeps on growing. Since the goal of smartphones is to be portable, these screens will never grow larger than our pockets and bags. These small screens require websites to be neater for easy browsing, and navigation to be more concise.

Abundant use of white space and precise use of frames mark a new take on Minimalism, making it still more relaxing and easy to look at. Having elements stand out while being non-intrusive has hereby become easier.

Easy Guidelines for Trendy Web Designs in 2020
Pair of men shoes with 2 different carpet pattern

Time to break rules

This year marks the dawn of a new era, one of imperfections, where rules are meant to be broken. Flawed hand drawn visuals give your website a unique and authentic personality. This is a refreshing sight to see after the pixel perfect soulless graphics from the past decade.

Pictures also don’t need to stay the flat images that were captured by a camera. Go ahead add some graphics onto them, this way you can turn boring product images into cute living entities.

The Future is Now!

One curious thing about the future is that you can never catch up on it. Though, when you look at some websites, the glowing colour schemes seem to be coming straight from science fiction films. Together with a growing demand for ‘dark mode’ which grants a more efficient use of power and counters eyestrain, it really feels like the future is here already.

Thanks to the increasing accessibility of 3D imagery, websites are also turning to 3D for an immersive experience. Improving UX and keeping visitors longer on websites. If you don’t have the funds or time to explore 3D, you can simply create depth by adding shadows and layering to your website design.

Circle orb which represent the future

Using these guidelines, we hope you have a better understanding of what kind of website you want to create. Don’t forget that after designing it, you also need to develop your website, so people can actually visit it.

Are you finding it difficult to keep up with all these new design trends and feeling that your website can use some rejuvenation? We at Island Media Management keep track of the continuously evolving trends, so you don’t have to. Gladly we design your website to keep up with the new decade. Let’s have a chat to discuss about your new website.

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