Instagram and the hospitality industry are a match made in heaven. Whether it comes to visuals of delicious food and beverages or panoramic travel shots, the industry will never suffer from the lack of content to entice customers.

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To influence customers or make a statement, it all comes down to how your business chooses to spread brand awareness. Brands heavily boast their properties, services, and facilities through sharing images that encourage guests to book. And it is almost a must from motels to luxury resorts to shift their attention to young and highly engaged audiences.

It seems criminal now not to open an Instagram account for your business after recently surpassing Twitter’s 400 million users. The social media platform acts as an international social media hotspot that can potentially give your business greater visibility. Not only is it international, but data collected has shown that more than half of the users are young, which makes for a lucrative marketing opportunity.

Regardless we have always believed in traditional digital marketing strategies, social media is without a doubt taking the world by storm with spectacular benefits to all businesses big and small. Island Media Management can’t guarantee to get your followers soaring to 100,000 followers in a month, but we offer organic and engaging tactics to get those numbers going.

The brand’s story

There are enough pointless and unnecessary visuals on the platform already. Bring something new to the table and expand your brand’s story through a different approach. Let your website tell one side of the story and use Instagram to expand upon it in a more captivating manner. Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words.

In the hospitality industry, properties are best at defining to potential guests who they are and the services they offer. Either through scenic travel pictures of hot spots around the area or of the food they serve are the two major content that tends to do best on Instagram. Jump right into this fun and exciting task!

Choosing the right hashtags and writing the most engaging content

instagram hashtag hospitality management Bali

By adding relevant hashtags to the caption, this generates likes and potential followers for people who are looking for inspiration throughout the platform.

Hashtags are the best way to grow your Instagram account. Using the right hashtag or a combination of them can help you in the increase of brand awareness a large and specific audience. They are usually accompanied by a catchy and engaging short message. The hashtags will help you categorize and organize your photo and video content which assists in the process of content discovery and optimization. It’s most likely that your business is going through changes, so be sure that everyone is kept in the loop!

Post consistently

Posting fresh content on a daily basis is crucial. It shows your followers that you are active on the platform. For Instagram the best times to post is every day to milk the best engagement. This is because your followers expect to see your content at least once a day.

If you’re generating new content every day, no questions asked, you need to sign up for this social media platform. The best ways to trial and error which ways work or don’t work is to follow existing accounts that are already Instagram role models. Your business’ goals may not be to blow up the number of followers and likes, however, it may come in handy to see what types of accounts do.

Island Media Management is a Bali based digital marketing agency that businesses local or international rely on. As social media playing a big role in the world of digital marketing, we are constantly adjusting and research unique strategies to offer for your needs. For more information about our social media services, link the link here!

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