How Live-Tweeting an Event Could Help Your Business

June 8, 2015

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Live tweets are so much different from normal tweets because they actively follow an event that’s happening in that moment. It’s easy for people to follow using a specific hashtag. What a lot of people don’t know is tweeting live can help your business.

In this article, you will see some of the ways in which tweeting about your event can boost your business.

Driving Traffic to Your Site

A lot of people think that people are going to stay on Twitter. They’re not going to click a link that takes them off-site. This is false. Many businesses are linking to live streams on Twitter to get people to their sites.

You can easily find targeted traffic through proper use of a hashtag. Here are some tips to targeting your event tweets:

• Research the most relevant hashtags

• Make a dedicated hashtag for your event so people can easily tune in.<

• At each event, test how well each hashtag has done so you can tinker for the future.

live tweeting on twitterIn terms of what you should do on Twitter, that’s simple. Temporarily make every aspect of your profile about the event. Spread your landing page link around and alter your bio to promote your event.

Use Side Tweets

A side tweet is where you occasionally use your event hashtag to speak about your products or services. Do this sparingly, and at the time, where the interest in your event peaks.

One option is to package your event tweets and link them back to wider issues, which you can then speak on and link back to your business.

You could do this in the form of an infographic, or you could use a site like SlideShare for making presentations.

Announce Something Grand

A product launch is traditionally seen as a time where interested parties collate together in a rented building or a major headquarters to find out about a company’s new offerings. Your event hashtag can allow you to do the same.

Announce something new exclusively for the people tracking your event. Not only does it give them a sneak preview, it creates a buzz because now you already have a number of interested parties. And these people will inevitably begin informing their friends.

Journalistic Following

Journalists and online commentators usually have significant followings. You should aim to attract these people prior to the event.

First of all, you’ll always have a list of people who’re attending. Investigate to see if there are any bloggers or journalists. If so, you need to give them the following:

  • Offer exclusive high-quality photos for them to use.
  • Give them an itinerary of the event.
  • Tell them you have no problems answering personalised questions from them.

If they go away to tell their followers about you, you’re going to have even more people flocking towards your business.
live tweet example - Indonesia

Tweet Back to the Speakers

Provide little nuggets from any speeches performed by influencers at the event. These same influencers are monitoring Twitter during their downtime too. If you tweet to them, they may very well retweet your content to their sizeable followings.

This is a good way to get any additional latecomers into the event. It’s also a way of accessing an audience you previously had no way of getting through to.

Plus, you may even make a few fans for life simply by being associated with a certain influencer.

Make it Professional

Every company would like to think of themselves as professional, but in reality, this is not the case. Only some companies have managed to produce slick operations that people can feel impressed by.

To make your live tweets as professional as possible, prepare them in advance. It’s ideal if you can also procure some sort of itinerary from the organisers in advance.

Produce unique, high-quality images and use them in your live tweets. They’ll naturally stand out from the rest of the noise on Twitter. What you also have to remember is picture-based Tweets are far more likely to be shared. It’s simple to take in, and it can say a lot in just a few minutes.

Building Up Early

Don’t expect to start a live tweeting session of an event and expect it to go well without any prior notice. You should aim to start mentioning the event on your social media feeds a couple of weeks in advance. It plants a seed in people’s minds already.

These are some great ways of building that anticipation:

  • Mention it on social media every few days in passing.
  • Write a blog about it.
  • Send a letter out to your newsletter list (without the hard sell).

As you can see, live-tweeting on an event is a fantastic way of making your company look professional, interesting, and educational all at the same time. It’s the sort of thing that enables you to gain a new influx of customers without the need to hard sell.

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