How To Future Proof Your Website Design

July 5, 2019  |  Written by Tarryn West   |   Design, Our Design Projects, Trends, Website Development

How To Future Proof Your Website Design
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Website design trends change every year. If you are a small to medium business, who can't afford to redesign your website every 2 years how do you ensure that when you do redesign, your website is future proof and will last you a good few years?

Top six ways to ensure that your website design is future proof!

  • Plan In Advance
  • KISS
  • Follow Google Best Practise
  • Follow Design Trends
  • Always Start With A Style Guide
  • Ensure Responsive / Mobile First Design
How To Future Proof Your Website Design

Great design withstands the test of time!

Taking the time to really understand your business and how dynamic your website design can be will save you time and money in the future. Having a stunning site that is technical in its maintenance and will need to be updated frequently works for some businesses - but not all!

How To Future Proof Your Website Design

Plan in Advance

In 2019, most businesses rely on their websites to drive sales, deliver quality signals and increase brand awareness. Including regular website updates in your marketing plan is vital in ensuring that the project is well executed. Depending on the size of your business / scope of your website, a new website can take anywhere from 1 month - 1 year to create. Waiting until the last minute to start planning an upgrade can mean that your project is rushed and does not meet the needs of your business.

How To Future Proof Your Website Design

Follow Design Trends

Now that you've implemented a clear plan on when you should redesign your website, start looking around at what the top brands are doing on their websites. Look at user experience, menu layout, interactions and how the website converts. Think about what elements make sense to apply to your own business.



The best way to future proof your website is to Keep It Simple (Stupid). Classic, clean and simple design are easy to age with. If you know you can't afford to regularly redesign your website, stick with a more simple, clean website design that will age better with time. If your budget affords it, going forward with innovate design can yield incredible results!

How To Future Proof Your Website Design

Start with a style guide

Building your website on the basis of a style guide, or Visual Brand Guidelines ensures a consistent brand message. This is vital for longevity, if all of your marketing materials are aligned, your website will age much better with your other marketing collateral.

Follow Google's Best Practise

Follow Google's Best Practise

Usually, Googles advice on best practice for SEO and mobile optimizations precedes its core algorithm updates. Having a visually stunning, intuitive website that nobody see's is like having a Ferrari without its engine. Make sure that whoever is building your website is well versed in the current best practice for SEO and mobile optimization.

Ensure Responsive Mobile First Design

Ensure Responsive / Mobile First Design

Over 60% of website traffic in 2019 is done over mobile devices. For some businesses it can account for over 80% of website traffic. Starting with a mobile first design ensures that your core message is effectively delivered to your consumers regardless of the device they are using to interact with you.

Future proof your website with the best!

Here at Island Media Management, we provide a full circle service. Our talented team of SEO specialists support our design team in ensuring that websites are built to the best possible standards. Ensure that your website is future proof, as that relates to your business, by working with talented professionals with experience in the digital marketing world!


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