The Importance of Links for Website (Part 2)

July 13, 2015


In the previous post, we had discussed about the types and the brief influences of links toward websites. As you see from that post, links become a popularity measure. Search engines have used links from as early as 1990 as part of their algorithmic formula to determine how important and popular published content is.

Beside, links have other values that equally important for your professional website. Below are some of the values that links, as we know them, carry.

The Functions of Links for Website

Links determine the quality of content you read

Links symbolGreat content that is published will always be ranked higher by the fact that it receives many links. So if you are looking for high quality information that is good, you can trust the one that has been ranked on top. This is mainly because quality links are associated with great content.

Social metrics also provide some substantial reason as to where a website will be ranked. If you are looking to have your profile judged for quality, you must have a good following that will give you a high social vote.

Poor presentation and poorly written content tends to have few people viewing it and is also ranked lowly. This means it is rarely going to give a user the value or information he or she is looking for. Lowly ranked websites may also have little information to give to the world and if anyone was to visit them, they would find no reason to go back or even leave a trail.

Links help navigate and explore other new sites

Do you think the website that you are currently visiting is comprehensive enough and you don’t require seeing others? You can get answers to this question by selecting a link that directs you to another site. I am convinced the new site you are now seeing has something new or has put the same ideas in a different perspective.

As great as a new website is when built, it is impossible that it will be known instantly by all of whom it concerns. But when a link to it is put on other websites that have something in common with it, people will easily navigate to it without even knowing its actual address. A user may find a website lacking some relevant information or value that he or she is seeking, but thanks to links, the search for more will be very easy.

Links as a marketing tool

function of linksLinks, be they internal or external, are all meant to direct a person to a website. When you are visiting a certain website and you decide to select an internal link, it directs you to a new page on that website. An external link, on the other hand, will direct you to another new website. Now the places where one is directed can have the information that needs promoting put there.

Links can also be sent out in emails, texts, social posts and other forms of online mass communication. This forms a wide avenue for any marketing of either the website itself or what it is that is being sold on that website. With the links, it becomes easy and simple to achieve your marketing goal by employing other marketing strategies and simply linking to them. Many more people will learn about what it is that you do and what you are offering them and turn to be your customers.

Strengthen Your Link Profile Now!

As it is evident above, there is great value in links, but only when that value is being actively sought after. Yes, links are everywhere, and their importance can be akin to air for all living things, but those who go that extra mile and make use of air to do things like carry a plane will be the ones to appreciate its value.

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