The Importance of Effective UX Writing

June 26, 2020

Content Marketing

As you browse and navigate the web, the first things you’ll interact with are the page elements as well as the textual content within them. These micro-copies on page elements have a bigger impact on your web experience than you might think. Writing user-experience (UX) for websites are key to creating an impactful experience on your website. 

The following are reasons why UX writing is important, the role they play in website interactions and how you can improve yours.

Manage micro-interactions by keeping text elements concise

The interactions between your text elements and your visitors will be relatively quick. You’ll have seconds to get their attention as they scan over your website and decide where to go from there. This means that every word counts when writing for UX. The best approach is to keep your text concise and direct as much as possible. 

Make sure to convey the message in the most efficient method possible. Every word should have a purpose, where they are located in relation to other page elements that will determine the user experience on your website. A verbose website only serves to confuse visitors. Avoid lengthy words that do not add value or direction to your website.

Ensure clarity and credibility by being consistent

Have you ever visited a website only to be confused by its inconsistent text elements? This can be in the form of tone, language, perspective, device-specific copy (tap for mobile vs. click for PC), and other inconsistencies. It’s important to reevaluate and assess the consistency of your copy before the website goes live. Inconsistent copy not only confuses your audience but also makes you look unprofessional as well.

Dictate the direction of your content with specific verbs

To avoid miscommunication or misinterpretation from your audience, you want to be as clear as possible with your intentions. To do this, you want to implement the use of specific verbs In order to create a more streamlined user experience and direct your visitors to convey a message clearly or perform an action that you want. In addition to helping your visitors understand your message, this also allows you to dictate the direction of conversation between you and your audience.

What did you think of the tips we shared in this article regarding UX writing? We hope this article has been insightful into how important UX writing is to the engagement, navigation, and overall performance of your business website. 

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