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March 3, 2020

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Millions of people out there are online seeking information and products 24/7. Imagine all the possibilities, these people are probably also looking for what you have to offer.

In order for them to reach and invest in your website, a strong online marketing strategy needs to be in place.

If you execute these tactics properly, you’ll slowly build a concrete internet marketing that draws in more customers to your business. Here are some strategies that have proven to be effective in reaching new customers and helping companies grow their business.

Attention to Web Design

Attention to Web Design

Web design isn’t technically a marketing tactic, though it highly affects the amount of time your users will explore your page.

Your website is the center of all your digital marketing efforts. No matter how much time you’ve spent perfecting your strategy development, your customers will still walk past your website if it looks unpolished, uneasy and uninteresting to read.

A strong SEO strategy


Getting your business to appear higher on search engine results is key to your business’ online visibility.

This is where search engine marketing and optimization come in. A strong SEO strategy can get your website to rank high in search engines, resulting in more website traffic. The keywords you should be using are the long-tail keywords with specific terms. Make sure these keywords have low competition and a high monthly search volume.

Clear Navigation

Clear Navigation

You may not have noticed, but your website’s navigation to find the right information is a meaningful marketing tool that highly impacts the user experience.

A good-looking website might get all the attention, but how it leads your visitors to the right information is probably the most important part of your website’s design. Your visitors are looking for something specific on your site, such as a product or service. If your site is too confusing, your visitors will take a long time finding information and eventually quit. This will end up significantly increasing your bounce rate.

Present Updated Content

You should start out with the basic information, such as your contact, phone number, events, news, and pricing.

You don’t want to give outdated info that damages both you and your visitors.
You should also make sure your website content is updated on a regular basis. It’s always refreshing for visitors to see your latest videos, testimonials and activities. Other things that should be part of your content are special promotions, sales and events if any.

Post Blogs

Post Blogs

Posting blogs regularly is something that is mostly overlooked by many businesses, even though most websites do have a blog.

They don’t post often because they don’t have the time or resources to post consistently and lack ideas on what to write about.

A blog that is updated regularly with the newest content helps to build trust, shows authority and boosts your site rank. This also increases the chance for reputable sources to link back to your website. This is what we call ‘backlinks’ in the internet industry. Lots of quality backlinks show Google that you deliver the right and quality information to a lot of readers, which leads to better ranking and traffic.

These are some of the most important tools to increase your website marketing and boost your online presence. Need a hand in increasing your online presence and develop a modern user-friendly website? Our team at Island Media Management consists of experts in web design, web development, content creation and SEO. Work with us today and we’ll help you reach the people in need of your services and products.

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