How to Improve Your Website’s Engagement

November 25, 2019

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How to Improve Your Website’s Engagement

Everything is working according to your marketing plan. You’ve subscribed to a PPC advertising campaign that exposes your site, increasing traffic. You’ve become active on social media, sharing new updates and promotions to your growing followers. But, do you think you already have enough website's engagement?

You may have a great number of viewers, but have they purchased any of your products? Have they explored all your offers? Have they subscribed to a weekly newsletter, and are they curious about the many articles that you have posted before?

If the answer is a sad “No”, is it because you’ve targeted the wrong market?

It’s unlikely, since internet marketing works because people search for solutions using specific keywords that eventually lead them to your site. The only other option is to improve your site’s content and the entire website’s architecture.

Excellent content is excellent service

Excellent content is excellent service

Write an okay-quality piece of content, and your site drowns in a sea of mediocre websites. Content is more than just a space for copywriting. It’s a relationship between the brand and the customer. Think about it -- it’s the first thing that customers see after they search about their problems on a search engine.

An organic search will lead them to one of your blogs -- that is, IF your site ranks even in the first page of the results. Competition for the first page is tough, so is it worth investing in time and talent for creating relevant and useful content?

The risk is that viewers can simply bounce -- to take what they need and leave. However, the rewards make this risk irrelevant. High quality content may inspire viewers to share! Or from business perspective, it might increase your revenue as well!

It’s not just free advertising. It’s advertising loaded with trust. Your reader trusts your content’s authority and credibility, and their friends trust your reader. Trust is the bloodline of branding.

There’s more to it. As your site becomes more relevant to your target market, you become part of a new community. Writers from a similar industry may request for a guest post on your site, and vice versa! Excellent content development brings about organic growth.

A website is still an ‘online store’, even when you think it’s not

If you have a physical store, you keep it clean and tidy so that people will come and feel at ease. Treat your website the same way, even if it doesn’t necessarily ‘sell’ anything.

Here are a few tips on making your site look as pleasant as possible.

  • Don’t Just Focus On The Home Page.

    Chances are, your ads or organic links will lead viewers to one of your blogs or offerings page (aka the Pricing page).

  • Organize Your Links.

    Don’t give text link after text link.

  • Have high quality images that decorate your page that also acts as links.

    Keep Descriptions Concise But Powerful. For short descriptions, they should be between 125 - 150 characters long. For a description that explains a concept in detail, keep them to a maximum of 3 paragraphs with 50 - 80 words. Any more detail than that, requires you to have a “read more” option for interested readers.

  • Opt For Awesome CSS

    If your budget allows for it. Highlighting or focus animations when the cursor hovers over the link is aesthetically pleasing and fun to interact with. Check out this site for inspiration which developed by us.

Give freebies in exchange for email addresses

Give freebies in exchange for email addresses

To secure potential customers down to the deeper level of the sales funnel, you need to be able to market them off the website and into their inboxes. If your website, content, and offerings can secure a sense of trust to visitors, then your next step is to obtain their email addresses to create an email listing.

If they open up to you, and are interested in subscribing to an intriguing and fun newsletter that they can read in their spare time after work, then you are on the right road.

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One of the best ways to do this is to give away free things like e-books, infographics, promo codes, and vouchers in exchange for an email subscription. Not only is this good service, it also gives your visitors a valid reason to give you their email address.
Direct communication

Direct Communication

If you have an active sales force, get a chatbox on your site. Make sure it’s not distracting, and place it only in your offerings page.

I personally don’t like one popping up in the homepage. It makes me feel uneasy because I’ve only just visited the website to have a look around, but the site seems to expect me to purchase right away.

Avoid this online faux pas and opt for providing the best pre-purchase service possible.

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